Italy To Educate Imams In Civilized Behavior, Playing Nice With Infidels

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It’s probably a much better idea to deal with this sort of thing before you let in millions of obstinate, independent, non-assimilating squatters into your country – to educate them as to how your society operates, its values and what is expected of them in return. In Italy and across much of Europe that hasn’t been happening, and it’s a fool’s errand that is simply an impossibility.

A new plan is being put into place to require Muslim imams in Italy to attend courses on the nation’s constitution and its values, including free speech, tolerance, and pluralism. The intent is that they will end up with a better integrated import population that is less prone to terrorism and wants to become Italians. What they’ll likely get is a more demanding one that will identify protections they can manipulate and areas for abuse.

Under the proposal, religious leaders from non-EU countries, as is the case with the invading imams, who plan to work in Italy, will be required to attend and be instructed in the “rights and duties inherent in our democratic societies.” This “stroke of genius” has backfire written all over it.

The liberal director of the courses, Professor John Cymbals told La Repubblica, “The purpose is to foster a dialogue between religions and cultures, contributing to the construction of a peaceful social coexistence and non-violence.” It seems they’ve concluded that a problem with violent people who don’t wish to assimilate exists and have determined that simply teaching them that what they are doing is wrong will correct it. Being an educator doesn’t carry with it a capacity for real world discernment or the ability to evaluate people or risks.

Cymbals is a professor of ecclesiastical law, something that is of no value in dealing with Islamic terrorists and their hate inspiring imams. They have a source of law in their Koran, everything else is the work of infidels, the kind that they teach their foot soldiers to kill.

Cymbals said the courses are designed to “appeal to all those communities that do not have internal agreements signed with the State.” It was so important to their EU masters to just get the Islamic bodies inside their borders before the citizens of Europe woke up to what was happening that the “minor” detail required of every other group was ignored.

Islam is the only major “religion” in Italy operating without official recognition and without such an agreement with the State. Recognition does not merely depend on having a certain number of followers in Italy, more importantly it requires the principles of a religion to align with their constitution. Of course, the constitution doesn’t allow for Italian law to be subordinate to Sharia Law and for the Koran to be superior to Italian law. Based upon those two conditions, there seems to be an irreconcilable conflict between the Italian infidels and their would-be conquerors.

At the end of last year, Italy established a council of “Italian Islam” in an effort to bring Islam into step with the country’s Christian and humanist tradition. Eventually they’ll come to understand the meaning of the American term “pissing in the wind,” but they’re not there yet.

Recognized religions receive tax revenue; currently the Islamists receive nothing. There are many local regulations that make the construction of obtrusive mosques difficult as well. Currently Muslims account for 3.7 percent of the population, with only a handful of registered mosques available for their use. The process for establishing a new building for worship will also be included in the courses, a recipe for disaster.

They’ll come to regret the mistakes of instruction in squatter normalization almost as much as the one that let them in in the first place. The invaders will never accept Italian law. The naive Italian fools are welcoming their conquerers and providing them with the implements for their own destruction.

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