Israel – Benghazi Ben Rhodes A Liar Lying Again In Obama UN Resolution Story

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White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes is well known to be a liar, with his chief claim to infamy being the notorious narrative that Benghazi was the result of outrage over a YouTube video. It was a lie when he crafted it and it was a lie when it was repeated for weeks and months afterwards in spite of the real cause, Hillary Clinton’s Libya adventurism, being known as the cause immediately.

The fact that Benghazi Ben is once again plying his trades at distortion and fabrication in no way has any bearing, aside from possibly strengthening their resolve, to reveal the truth. That truth is that the Obama regime was the motivation and the orchestration behind the UN resolution against Israel and that a cover up is currently underway to hide their actions by the inherently cowardly Obama regime.

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer is questioned on MSNBC about earlier statements he made that “there is clear evidence that the United States is behind the UN Security Council resolution, in some way orchestrated this resolution. Can you talk about what proof you have?”

Dermer replies confidently, “Well we have proof. I don’t ‘believe it’, we know it. And we’ll share it with the incoming administration through the appropriate channels and they can decide whether they want to share that with the American people.”

“We’re obviously not going to share it with this administration,” he says, “because this administration is behind it.”

The reporter says, “Well Ambassador, let me ask you this, though. You’re essentially accusing the current administration of  handcuffing the next administration, if you will. Ben Rhodes has come out and said it is not true the United States had anything to do with this resolution. Secretary of State John Kerry said that. Do you not believe, do you not trust the US government when they deny having anything to do with this?”

Dermer, who had trouble keeping his seat when Ben Rhodes’ name was mentioned as a representative of the Obama regime crafting the denials, replied concisely and with little room for misinterpretation, “Well, Ben Rhodes is an expert at fiction. Let’s just wait until all of the evidence is presented to the new administration and they will decide. And then you can invite me back on your show and you can see whether I’m telling you the truth.”

Dermer adds, “When the Prime Minister of Israel makes such an allegation, that is backed up by 100% evidence, you can take that to the bank.” So, yes, Ben Rhodes has been caught in another huge lie, as have John Kerry and Hussein Obama.

Their final covert acts of destruction against the United States and its allies may well be compromised beyond the point of execution, and the subversives who have been doing everything within their power to destroy this nation from within the government, Obama, Kerry, Clinton and company are once again revealed as rank amateur boobs, the gang of girly men that couldn’t shoot straight, loaded with blanks.

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