ISIS Terrorists Working For Obama And Kerry – Turkey’s Statement Proves It

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It’s now becoming virtually indisputable that it was not the United States that was excluded from the talks on Syria by Russia, Turkey and Iran, as much as it was Hussein Obama and John Kerry. On December 20th of last year, Russia, Iran and Turkey met in Moscow in an effort to work towards an agreement to end the nearly six-year long war.

Secretary of State John Kerry was not invited and the United Nations was not conferred with. Obama declared five years ago and multiple times in the interim period of time that Assad had lost legitimacy and had to go. It’s now Obama who has lost what little legitimacy he had and is on the verge of making his long anticipated exit.

Given that the ISIS terrorists working for Obama were unable to defeat the Syrian forces and their support will now certainly be eliminated by the pro-American Trump administration, the situation has changed dramatically. Most notably, the calendar has completed the job that the three nations started back in December and removed Obama and Kerry from the equation once and for all.

The reality that there is a new administration in the White House that is headed by rational American leadership, resulted in an invitation being extended by the Turkish Foreign Minister to the United States to attend new talks. They are scheduled for later this month in the Kazakhstan capital city of Astana.

Exposing the duplicity of Obama and Kerry and confirming what many of us have long suspected, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that the United States was welcome to bring representatives of ISIS to the negotiations as well, a clear indicator that the relationship exists, is well known and is not in dispute. ISIS has been doing the Obama and Kerry dirty work in Syria.

The stories about the US supposedly having a war on ISIS, about the Iraqi forces suddenly abandoning their vehicles in the face of an ISIS attack, the sitting duck convoy that moved across the Syrian and Iraqi without a shot being fired and the munitions that are never dropped due to concerns of “collateral damage” are all a ruse to protect the Obama – Kerry – McCain – Graham ground troops. No wonder none are being captured and taken to Gitmo, the crooked Obama regime doesn’t want that story being told to interrogators. It’s much safer for them to create a false “recruiting tool” narrative and an intention to close it down.

They can’t keep the truth from leaking out when they’re no longer in power and their corrupt successor was defeated. Russian hacks are the least of their worries at this point. There were a lot of regular citizens and military members involved in pulling off this operation and cover up. They probably won’t be too thrilled at taking the fall for the protection of Obama, Kerry and and Clinton. This is going to be interesting.

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