Instead Of Fighting ENEMIES In CONGRESS, OBAMA Holdovers, TRUMP Plans “Theme Weeks”

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The latest of the numerous half-awake, half-hearted efforts to salvage the American agenda that our President championed is again a pointless, “at least they can’t say we’re not trying,” waste of time and energy by those who have no clue how to communicate – the White House Communications officials.

Maybe if they really wanted to get the President’s message out they could ask some of the fifty percent of administration staffers who are Obama regime holdovers for pointers, as they seem to still, against all odds, logic and tradition, be doing a bang-up job of communicating, through leaks and various other means, their subversive message.

Those of us who were America first before Mr. Trump ever decided to run and who allowed him to represent us and our nation, are not naive eighteen-year-olds. We see what is missing from this presidency. Our man has traded in his microphone for a keypad and his voice for tweets.

Even more critical than President Trump’s political laryngitis is his paralysis. He’s pulling his punches, not effectively hitting back at his antagonists. Trump has the full power of what still represents itself as the “American” government to go after those who are targeting him. They’ve committed real crimes that need to be prosecuted, yet he and his Attorney General are doing nothing. Reopening an investigation into Hillary Clinton doesn’t take six months. It takes an announcement, a memo and the desire to do so.

Investigating Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Eric Holder, Huma Abedin, John Podesta, Sidney Blumenthal, Cheryl Mills, Lois Lerner and the many other examples of Democrat corruption and treason too numerous to mention doesn’t take six months either. Much of the evidence has already been gathered. Open the investigations, convene grand juries and get some convictions. The criminals are running loose in the jail house and the guards are staring at each other waiting for orders.

President Trump should have been on national television with a speech to the American people long ago outlining what is going on, like his predecessors. Twitter is the realm of the communications team. He’s the President. Speeches and an occasional tweet should be where we here from him. If any President ever needed to do so, it’s President Trump. He’s under attack like no other in history. Something along the lines of his Poland speech would do wonders.

Instead, his hopelessly lost communications team announced they’ll begin on Monday a three week messaging campaign aimed at refocusing attention on the Trump agenda and framing a debate later this summer on rewriting the US tax code. By that time the leftists plan to have him so occupied with putting out “impeachment fires” his agenda will be completely beyond reach.

They call it the “Made In America” campaign, which starts with the president highlighting locally made products from around the country. Really? Do these geniuses think that kind of flavor of the day garbage is going to change any minds? Who are they trying to convince? The Trump supporters want to see action, not cute theme weeks. Are his adversaries going to ignore the negative firestorm to look deeper into his energy ideas? 

Anyone who has ever been in corporate America and has had to submit their department’s ideas for a mindless group think exercise such as “diversity week” already knows this is pointless, going nowhere and is likely just as frustrated. The Wall Street Journal reports that over the past month, in the lead up to a health care vote, the weekly themes were infrastructure, energy, workforce development and technology. Who knew?

The desperately flailing Reince Priebus is the source of this latest ineffective busy work program. Looking like you’re doing something, particularly when it’s pointless, is not the same as being productive and is more evidence as to why he’s on the hot seat or certainly should be. July is National Ice Cream month. Maybe Priebus, fittingly, has a Rocky Road week lined up.

The WSJ reported, “Mr. Trump was largely pleased with the [theme week] effort, according to one official familiar with the president’s thinking.” He’s got to be being considerate of hurt feelings. It was a predictable failure. Nobody heard about any of those June topics beyond an occasional mention. If nothing is conveyed and absorbed, it’s not communication.

They note, “One senior administration official said theme weeks exposed the White House as “naive.” A second senior White House official said the theme weeks were “stupid,” particularly during a month in which the health-care debate should have been the priority.

Now, Mr. Spicer’s team is reformating their theme weeks with a more targeted approach. After highlighting American-made products this week, next week will be devoted to American jobs and workers, and a third week dedicated to the “American dream,” the White House official said.

They plan to build a foundation for the president’s argument for tax reform, identifying the workers and companies that would benefit from Mr. Trump’s “America first” approach. He’ll then spend August working on tax reform, and pointlessly arguing with those providing cover for the conspirators who are trying to throw him out of office.

Actions speak louder than words. President Trump could legitimately unleash the DOJ on his criminal attackers, but that’s more something the old Donald Trump, the serious one we elected, would do. This is the new, kinder, gentler, endangered, bark don’t bite, too often politically correct, inviting target Donald Trump. He’ll distractedly argue with the media as the Democrats put the mechanisms in place to take him down and our last chance at saving our nation with him. 

The media is one enemy, but the ones that can remove him from power are in Congress, the Obama holdovers and the establishment. That’s where he needs to take action, for the sake of his presidency and our nation. That’s the only theme that makes sense at this time – “Take Action,” and it can last for 7 1/2 more years. 


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