An Instant Later These Innocent Christians And The ISIS Pig Were Dead

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The instant before these innocent Christians were brutally murdered by the subhuman mongrel standing in front of what looks like a security, bomb detection device is captured in the first video below. This is the moment of the blast outside of St. Mark’s Cathedral, a Coptic Christian Church in Alexandria, Egypt. 16 innocent people were killed and 41 wounded.

In video surveillance footage the perpetrator can be seen approaching the gate with a satchel on his right shoulder. He is denied entry and sent over to the screening device as the two attendants pay him no mind, apparently it is a self-service type of system or they were lax in fulfilling their duties.

He appears to enter, probably setting the device he was holding in his right arm down on a surface of some sort, and stepping back as he detonates it, without so much as an Allahu Akbar to warn the Christians and other victims going about their normal lives in the area of what was happening.

The scene from the inside shows a different angel and other victims, the guard at the gate, a man seated in a chair, and a child who ran, perhaps sensing something wasn’t right as well as a woman who looks to have perhaps meandered her way out of the kill zone as the blast took place.

A few hours earlier another bomb exploded in the city of Tanta, Egypt, in St. George’s Church. The men singing in their choir robes clearly never knew what hit them. That bomb was planted inside the church, killing 27 innocent Christians and wounding 78.

The reporter notes, “The timing of the second bombing raises suspicion that Coptic leader, Pope Tawadros II was a target. He escaped the attack and is unharmed.” Footage of that blast comes at the 1:03 mark of the second video below.  

Video of the first blast, below, starts at the 1:03 mark

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