Insider – California Voter Fraud System Guarantees Rampant Illegal Voting

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Since California government is largely enemy territory for patriotic Americans and those who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, it can be extremely difficult to get meaningful action against voter fraud, regardless of the amount of proof one has. The very people to whom it would be reported and the supposed enforcement responsibility falls to are the perpetrators – Democrats.

Tim Donnelly, a California freedom fighter and former State Assemblyman knows their scheme and it’s players. He’s locked horns with them repeatedly over their successful attempts to install the mechanisms of abuse and fraud into the system. His predictions, like the revelations of voter fraud by Mr. Trump, were dismissed as absurd, an overreaction and racism. The ingredients of the leftist aggression against our nation rarely change, although the mixture is often tweaked “to taste.”

The fact that California has been morphed into a “law-free” and liberty endangered zone by the Marxist Democrats makes it an ideal location for the implementation and testing of the methods by which to defeat the will of the people nationally and impose that of our enemies with a minimum of interference.

In an article published in November at, Donnelly, a former Vice-Chairman of the California Elections & Redistricting Committee, describes how he knows from firsthand experience the extent of the fraud being deliberately perpetrated and the media conspiracy to ignore it.

He wrote, “With law after law, the Democrats created a voting system that encourages fraud, and makes voter integrity and accountability impossible.” He described “their recipe” as:

Treat anyone who proposes a Voter ID bill like Alinsky would—shame them, shun them, ridicule, then repeat.

Make access so easy that you can register to vote online up to 15 days prior to Election Day and still vote. (They pushed for same day voter registration so that people who “forgot” to register could still register & “participate” as late as Election Day).

Make a major push to move as many voters as possible to mail-in ballots (permanent absentee ballots).

Spend millions of taxpayer dollars handing out Drivers Licenses to millions of people illegally present in the state (with an asterisk stating, “Federal Limits Apply”).

Pass a law requiring everyone who has a California Drivers License to be “automatically” registered to vote—including illegal aliens

“If the voter does not check either the “Yes” or “No” box (for whether or not they are US Citizen), and the registration is otherwise complete, the registration should be processed normally and entered on the voter rolls.”

Never update statewide voter database with any information that ever disqualify a voter—especially county coroner lists of the newly deceased. (emphasis added)

How could anyone possibly trust those voting rolls? They’re, as Donnelly put it, a “recipe” for fraud, for guaranteed illegal alien voting. Three to five million illegal alien votes for Clinton may well be a conservative estimate.

Once again President Trump is right and he is exposing the corruption and foul play by forces hostile to our nation that have occupied the highest levels of government, most aggressively for at least the last eight years, and to varying degrees the administrations before, back to Lyndon Johnson.

He described the deliberate corruption of the electoral process, saying, “They created a system where it was virtually impossible to ever catch anyone cheating, removed all verification processes, automatically register all drivers license holders—whether they like it or not, and then launch that program immediately after granting every one of the untold millions of illegal aliens in California a driver’s license.”

Donnelly observed, “In true Alinsky fashion, any Republican in California who mentioned voter fraud—let alone tried to do something about it—was ridiculed in the press.” He added, “Now the same “fake media” is going after Trump right now—calling him an outright liar for telling the truth they refuse to tell, or even investigate.”

This fight didn’t end with the election of Donald Trump as President. It began then and gave us a fighting chance to defeat this evil, but the fight will be long and difficult. And we all have to remain engaged, not leaving it up to the politicians to take care of. That’s what got us into this mess.

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2 Comments on Insider – California Voter Fraud System Guarantees Rampant Illegal Voting

  1. Hallelujah – someone telling it like it is in my home state.

    I refuse to vote here because to do so would be to be complicit in the commission of a crime. I repeat: To vote in California is to aid and abet in the commission of a crime. It needs to be cleaned out, tooth and nail. And since the state authorities won’t do the job – because they are behind this criminal situation – it is up to the federal government to come in here and make sure that a big broom is employed in the voting procedures. And I will gladly give a hand in the job. I have been disgusted with this situation long enough. With a sympathetic federal government now in place, it is time to act. Otherwise, my motto remains: CLEAN ELECTIONS OR NO ELECTIONS.

  2. You can go to
    They have it all logged down how California cheaters are cheating.
    Someone needs to send this to Trump so he can investigate with their help.

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