Insane San Francisco Pays Illegal 190K Damages For Being Turned Over To ICE

san francisco rich illegal

There are a lot of stories these days that make you just shake your head, many of them having to do with the inexplicable lunacy of the left. An illegal alien squatting in the free squat zone of San Francisco has just been awarded $190,000 because he was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

The San Francisco Examiner reported that Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, 33, had sued the city on January 17th “for violating its sanctuary city ‘laws’ when officers at Southern Station allegedly cooperated with immigration officials.”  Figueroa-Zarceno is an illegal border crasher from El Salvador who had gone to the police station to report his car being stolen.

Officers detained Figueroa-Zarceno after they ran his name and found an outstanding warrant for his arrest. They were unable to determine any details of the warrant, so they released Figueroa-Zarceno through a side door where ICE officers had been alerted he’d be passing. He was then arrested and spent two months fighting his deportation. We move too slowly and allow too much room for litigation.

“It’s really important for San Francisco to remain a sanctuary city not in name only but also in practice,” said Saira Hussain, a staff attorney at the Asian Law Caucus, who represented Zarceno. Really, Saira, why is that? So that more uncivilized foreign scum can be free to prey on Americans and degrade our quality of life, take our jobs, and lower out standard of living?

Is it important for disgusting filthy illegals to have access to a ready supply of fresh, unsuspecting victims like Kate Steinle that they can prey upon the way they do in Europe in their simultaneous invasion? Is this part of a larger plan to ruin the civil societies we’ve created by infesting them with foreign vermin that will tear them apart?

The panelists on the five had a few colorful opinions to offer and, aside from the nonsense drooling out of the empty head of Juan Williams, none of them can make any sense of this either. It’s not designed to make sense, it’s intended to foment chaos, degrade our culture and make us nothing more than another spot on the globalist map. We’re all just pawns in the game the evil doers are currently playing unopposed.


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