Ingraham – Trump’s Enemies GOP Leaders On Capitol Hill – Fight, Obstruct, Ridicule Him

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Laura Ingraham joins Sean Hannity for a discussion that reveals the level of betrayal and establishment arrogance that still exists within the Republican leadership towards the Trump agenda that we, the people, support and elected him to fulfill.

Hannity leads with the decision by President Trump to remove the funding of the border wall as an obstruction, a move that has the potential to backfire and play right into Democrat hands, with the assistance of corrupt Republicans. It is already being regarded as a surrender and a victory for the left by many.

Ingraham responds, “One thing that I know for sure, Sean, is that we have way too many people on Capitol Hill who aren’t on the President’s side on this issue. And I’m talking Republicans. So I have no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump wants this wall to be built. Congress has to appropriate the money. I heard over two months ago that GOP leadership, the most senior senators on Capitol Hill, and I heard it from someone who was in the room with them, they were laughing at the idea that a wall would ever get built. Out loud laughing, basically telling this source of mine, ‘Don’t worry about that it’s never going to happen.’

Most senior senators means McConnell, Cornyn, Hatch, the corrupt good old boys that pushed TPP and serve the establishment machinery. Even after President Trump gave McConnell’s wife a job as Transportation Secretary he’s still treated with disdain. Those people are scum and it’s certainly much more expansive of a problem than just those three individuals.

Ingraham continues, “So they’re actively working against the goal of this President that was, I think, among his most popular pledges to the country. He pledged this over and over and over again to raucous applause. And that, the trade issues that he’s being really aggressively pursuing, which I’m so happy about. His agenda should be supported by the Republicans on Capitol Hill.”

She asks disdainfully, “They couldn’t find a billion dollars to put down, a down payment? That’s ridiculous.” Hannity points out the difference in the way when Obama was ‘president’ the Republicans were afraid of being blamed for shutting down the government, now that Trump’s President they’re still afraid of their own shadow.

Hannity says he is glad that President Trump is so adamant that the wall is going to be built, noting accurately that if he fails to get it done it will be the equivalent of the George HW Bush “read my lips, no new taxes” broken promise. Ingraham agrees, saying they’ll kill him with that. Beyond the political impact for the President, there’s the real belief on the part of many in his base that he is making a mistake, that this was a fight he should have been willing to initiate and force.  If Paul Ryan can’t get the job done, if it was a fight he simply could not engage in, then President Trump needs to find a Speaker who can.

Hannity and Ingraham both point to the lack of preparedness on the part of the Republicans to have their legislative agenda ready to go,  as being embarrassing, with Ingraham pointing out, “There’s no way to spin this.” After eight years to prepare, Ingraham says, “It looks juvenile, it looks like total Mickey Mouse Club stuff.” She points to Paul Ryan, saying, “You’re supposed to be this big legislative genius, you’re supposed to know your caucus, and then push comes to shove…”

Hannity notes that he never showed anybody the Ryancare bill, to which Ingraham replies, “Well, why do you think that is?” Hannity asks why he didn’t bring others in, so Ingraham answers her own question, saying, “Because it was a cram-down. They wanted to cram it down and wanted to put so much pressure on  these Freedom Caucus members, brought to bear on them that they’d quake in their boots, quiver and say “Oh God, we’ll do anything and they didn’t realize that they were up against…”

Hannity points out that it was Freedom Caucus member Mark Meadows who had to fix the mess. He asks if this is going to be the future, if every agenda item is going to be a screwed up mess like what Ryan has produced so far.

She says, “Unless Donald Trump really personally gets involved,” that answer is yes and the brinksmanship has to stop.

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