Ingraham – Ryan, McConnell As Much Enemies Of Trump As Dems – He Needs To Address Americans

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Laura Ingraham points out that the Democrats should be really happy with the spending bill, that once again Paul Ryan delivered to them everything they could have possibly asked for.  

She reminds us that President Trump campaigned as an unconventional politician, saying that if she had been advising him on this, she’ have told him to say, “‘Congress, I can’t tell you what to do, but I’ll tell you what I campaigned on. I’m not going to get everything I want, but I’ll tell you some things that are non-negotiable.’ Let them do what they want. If his main points and his main priorities are not in that budget, then he should veto it, make them own it, override his veto if they want, and give an address to the nation.”

She continues, “A thirty minute address where you explain how we got into this mess and how responsible stewardship of this economy is required now and that he’s bold enough to do it. I’d pin the blame on the donkey, the Democrats, for shutting down the government.”

“That would have been unconventional,” says Ingraham, apparently sending a message to President Trump, should he choose to listen, “that’s why he won. To be an unconventional, anti-corruptocrat politician. And instead, too much of it was farmed out to the Republicans who always, in the end, give in to the Democrats because they are cowering over a government shutdown.”

As Hannity offers Trump slack in the face of this failure, Ingraham says, “Well, you’re more patient than I am, you’re more patient than I am.”  As Hannity tries to shift 100% of the blame to a guilty Congress, Ingraham reminds him that “He’s the Chief Executive Officer for the United States of America.” She says she’s just as upset with as she was with the Obama shenanigans “if this is what the Republicans, holding the House and the Senate come up with at the end of this very long process.”

“No normal course budgeting.” Ingraham points out, ” Planned Parenthood alone, to fund that monstrosity of killing, just that, I would have said, ‘Look, you all own it, that’s your priority, you want to die on the hill of Planned Parenthood  you go right ahead but I’m going to veto that.” I would have loved to see him do it, just on that basis and the wall alone. “

Ingraham tells Hannity for her it’s over, “I’m not going to support them will you? I mean, they’re resisting Trump, these Republicans, Sean, and you know who they are, are resisting Trump as fiercely in their own way as the Democrats are.” Hannity asks for names, and Ingraham gives him one, saying, “I think Mitch McConnell said right off the bat that ‘We are not going to shut down the government.’ Now, what does that tell the Democrats? Go for broke.”

She says Trump could have made the Democrats own this with an address to the nation, “How we got into this mess and how his policies are going to get us out of this mess.” She recommends a thirty minute address in which he declares that he wants to fund the government but identifies the Democrats as the obstructionists that they are.

Hannity raises the question of Paul Ryan to which Ingraham asks the unanswerable question, “Why is he there?” She’s had enough and President Trump needs to listen to her advice.

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  1. Good one, Laura. Damn straight.

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