Laura Ingraham, Rand Paul – Base In Uprising Over Trump No Wall Amnesty

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Laura Ingraham asks Senator Rand Paul for his thoughts on the Trump Pelosi Schumer Amnesty deal. Senator Paul says what we should be concerned with is something called “Potomac Fever,” and that, as a physician he should go check on the President, to see if he’s caught the fever which makes you forget your campaign promises.

Sen Paul has some flexibility on the DACA issue but feels that those that are internalized should count against the allowable immigration totals, not be an addition to them. The totals will also, with the associated and inevitable family members, be much higher, 2 million taking into account the parents alone.

Ingraham notes that Senator Paul has never been wild about the border wall, adding, “But here is the problem. The wall is a check against politicians who don’t have the will. The wall is a check because it’s a physical structure. You can’t go back on a promise of a wall once it’s built it’s built. And if it’s enforced it’s enforced.”

The situation is not nearly so absolute when other means of enforcement are utilized in place of a structure. Ingraham says, “More importantly, he campaigned on that. And that has rated the number one or number two issue for Trump voters. That the wall would be built.”

She adds, “And my listeners have said this. Ninety-six percent of my people calling in today are like ‘This is a betrayal. This isn’t done, we’re done.’ I mean, I’m not kidding you. People are in a complete revolt on this issue.”

Paul says, “I agree with you that it was a big theme of his campaign and I think him changing course on this is at his own peril, that his base will be very, very unhappy with this.

So much for empty promises. If we’re getting a border wall, make it a priority at least as high as this new top priority of amnesty for illegals. Action on that Democrat issue should at a minimum bring similar action on what was a core issue President Trump has now left not being pursued. It if is being sought, it’s not with anything similar to the level of veracity he’s taking with amnesty and he’s dealing away a rare opportunity for leverage in the process.

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