Laura Ingraham, Rand Paul – Base In Uprising Over Trump No Wall Amnesty

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Laura Ingraham asks Senator Rand Paul for his thoughts on the Trump Pelosi Schumer Amnesty deal. Senator Paul says what we should be concerned with is something called “Potomac Fever,” and that, as a physician he should go check on the President, to see if he’s caught the fever which makes you forget your campaign promises.

Sen Paul has some flexibility on the DACA issue but feels that those that are internalized should count against the allowable immigration totals, not be an addition to them. The totals will also, with the associated and inevitable family members, be much higher, 2 million taking into account the parents alone.

Ingraham notes that Senator Paul has never been wild about the border wall, adding, “But here is the problem. The wall is a check against politicians who don’t have the will. The wall is a check because it’s a physical structure. You can’t go back on a promise of a wall once it’s built it’s built. And if it’s enforced it’s enforced.”

The situation is not nearly so absolute when other means of enforcement are utilized in place of a structure. Ingraham says, “More importantly, he campaigned on that. And that has rated the number one or number two issue for Trump voters. That the wall would be built.”

She adds, “And my listeners have said this. Ninety-six percent of my people calling in today are like ‘This is a betrayal. This isn’t done, we’re done.’ I mean, I’m not kidding you. People are in a complete revolt on this issue.”

Paul says, “I agree with you that it was a big theme of his campaign and I think him changing course on this is at his own peril, that his base will be very, very unhappy with this.

So much for empty promises. If we’re getting a border wall, make it a priority at least as high as this new top priority of amnesty for illegals. Action on that Democrat issue should at a minimum bring similar action on what was a core issue President Trump has now left not being pursued. It if is being sought, it’s not with anything similar to the level of veracity he’s taking with amnesty and he’s dealing away a rare opportunity for leverage in the process.

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  10. i guess we the PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HAD.

  11. President Trump has let the American people who voted for him down. DACA and the millions of other ILLEGALS have got to go.ILLEGALS have took millions of American citizens jobs and are destroying our way of life. I am very unhappy with President Trump, and I supported him from the very beginning.

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  13. Rick, We have been had! WOW, I guess now we can refer to TRUMP as a Politician. Learns fast and he learned from the Strongest and most powerful. Maybe his Ego was bigger then what I ever wanted to think. It can be a good thing or a bad, in this case, Bad! He wants to be popular and in the dirty game of Goverment. Rinos, the loosing party, (his own side wanting him out, un-loyals. Sessions and all!) So he went for the determined lying Criminal Swamp maggots, he can make deals and figure they will like him. Like I have said a hundred times over, what ever third World Invaded Country we will live in, all these Rich Elitist won’t be) Doesn’t affect them, just for the betterment of self gratification, power & money. So done.

  14. Even if one feels sorry for them, that doesn’t change the fact that they are in violation of the law. They are not “persons without a country.” They have had years to obtain legal help to instigate their own “path to legality.” Most have not pursued that, settling for their temporary green card and blissfully acting as if they had not a worry. Obama TOLD them it was temporary and that they needed to take the opportunity that he was providing to engage the process to become legal. On top of that there are a do0zen or more organizations both religious and secular, providing assistance and support to those who ask. It is not “fairness” that these children, most are not, have some right to, over and above millions of others applying for legal entry who have spent, in many cases thousands and thousands to legally comply with the US immigration law, a short path to legality. Obama’s intent created exactly this emotional, rather than thoughtful, morass. Since naturalized citizens live here, their families then have easier access to entry! My point, the very parents who entered ILLEGALLY, now have the ability to come back easily and live off/with their ‘legal’ children! We might as well ring the dinner bell… it will never end. Because they have been getting away with their illegality for years, gives them NO PRIORITY in the application for a green card line! There are PLENTY of college educated foreign citizens who would be an asset to the US. Dreamers, all of them, need to return to their country of origin and apply like all others. These illegals will always be illegals because granting amnesty does not change the past. They should ALL be deported so they can share their so-called “good, educated accomplishments with the country they belong in.

    When American criminals serve their time they still have to live with their criminal records. Illegals should do the same, which begs the question, why should they be given a clean record which is what amnesty is? There are DACA’s who have joined gangs, committed crimes, lived off our system. Get rid of those who have not become productive and have played havoc with our system. Be more lenient on those who have shown that they will be a productive part of our society. Get rid of affirmative action that allows DACA’s to get free college education while citizens actually born in this country who have high grades are not able to get accepted into college because of the affirmative action quotas that worka gainst them and allow others with lower grades to get into college over those who have shown they could excel in college due to their grades and test scores. We must throw them ALL out and only the so-called ‘good, educate and accomplished’ can come back and apply for legal status the legal way! Deport and have them come in legally, if they want to because they’re not interested in being “good, educated and accomplished” citizens in their own country. We are not responsible for the illegal actions of their parents.

    • 77bassguitarist // September 16, 2017 at 6:08 am // Reply

      @ marlene i have been saying for awhile now that i fear for his life. Your comments are correct i do believe his life has been threatened.

      • That would explain a lot, wouldn’t it. If true, I hope we find out who’s doing the threatening so we can threaten them.

  15. Trump’s too smart to fall into the dems’ trap, so either he doesn’t intend to run again in 2020 or the Deep State threatened his life – or both. Yes, we DO want to throw them out. Illegal is illegal – no spurious exceptions. It was obama who gave them their free education and their “accomplishments” are what they achieved at our expense. And “good” means nothing when you’re talking about foreigners who broke our laws, which should NOT serve as the foundation for amnesty by any excuse! Throw them out – all of them. If they’re as “good” as he claims, he can throw them out and let them come back, LEGALLY! How can someone who broke our laws, lied to us to get into our country, enjoyed its benefits that we taxpayers paid for, and hid themselves until you call them “good”, be considered good? They can’t. They aren’t. They can never be trusted. They don’t belong here as a reward for their subterfuge no matter what they “accomplished.” The government did amnesty during Reagan. They were supposed to fix the border then. They didn’t. Now we have all these that came in after amnesty requesting more amnesty. How many times do we allow our government to damage the working wages of US citizens? We need to lower immigration levels and fix our economy or there will be no way to continue to be a beacon on hope for other immigrants. Nobody has said that these DACA recipients are bad people. The problem lies in how many people we allow into our country without causing damage to working class wages? How many US citizens are being displaced from education grants because the funds have gone to DACA recipients? This is not a simple issue and until we see progress on securing the border then why should we even consider a compromise? Well, we don’t, and we won’t.

  16. I hope Ivanka and Jared are pleased with the impact they’re having on The Donald.

    PS: this one responded quickly. Can you notify James to try again?

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