Illegal Enabling Calif AG Becerra Booed, “Ran” Away From Contrived Town Hall

becerra town hall


Aside from the token illegal alien or more likely their legal agitator representatives, the audience in Ontario, CA for the anti-American State Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, was one of the opposition to his lawlessness. Clearly the “friendlies” were given a heads up to stay away so that Becerra could go through the motions of speaking to some very angry and informed American citizens.

Becerra brought reinforcements so that his exposure would be diluted down to twenty minutes and they started the event late as well, to further shrink the window. Nobody was interested in hearing from the others in attendance and weren’t much interested in what the lying illegal enabler Becerra had to offer in the way of the typical leftist propaganda. They wanted answers, but none were to be forthcoming, at least not to any legitimate questions.

Becerra, the appointed Attorney General after Kamala Harris was somehow elected US Senator, spent most of his time standing and grinning like a smug fool at the angry Californian American citizens that he is actively undermining through the open borders invasion.

The action picks up at around the 10:00 minute mark, when Becerra is introduced and the hall erupts in near unanimous booing of the criminal who has ascended to the position of top “law enforcement” officer in the state. He is the top law manipulator and illegal alien enabler in California, the reality is what it is. Official titles and violated oaths don’t change that.

Becerra uses the correct terminology when he informs the audience that he’s going to answer a few questions and the he’ll “have to run,” as in that’s what cowards do.  The true message got through, they’re taking part in a Becerra charade. He’s going to let them vent a little, ignore their concerns completely, and later claim he has an open mind and an open government. He pulls the worn-out “I’ll be respectful because I was taught not to speak over anyone else” line of garbage in an attempt to embarrass the angry Californians into silence. They were taught to obey the law, Becerra, a lesson that your illegal parents obviously left out of your “polite” education. The clapping seals he brought with him as supportive panel members sprang into action.

As he presents his mission and duty, Becerra says that he “represents forty million ‘people’ in the State of California,” terminology that was again, picked up on by those in the audience. He closes his remarks by taking more shots at the American citizens, saying, “My responsibility under the Constitution is to protect the rights of ‘all Californians,’ mentioning again ‘the people of California.’ The crowd reminds him that his duty is to American citizens, something they’ve done throughout the event, which he has ignored for the entirety of the event.

He says he’ll try to get to a question or two and clearly again, insults his audience, who is there to discuss the illegal invasion, by asking an obviously planted question about the climate change hoax and Exxon. It’s almost as obvious as the little girl with a ribbon in her hair town hall plant by Hillary Clinton. The comments from the audience reveal the question definitely didn’t come from them as mocking laughter, outraged queries of “What?” and shouts of “it’s a hoax” reveal it wasn’t asked by them.

Becerra then goes on to claim that an illegal has just as much right to an American job if they’re equally qualified and a “DACA” protected trespasser. Again, it’s another shot at the American people and a declaration that he’s on the hunt and we are the prey.

It’s illustrative of the struggle that all American citizens face against this organized overtaking of our country by the globalist forces. They’re in power across the nation but nowhere more blatantly anti-American than in California. This should be a lesson to all of us. This fight is on and it is very real. Our sovereignty as a nation and our birthright as its citizens, and the futures of our children are at stake.


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