Illegal Aliens Demand “Rights” In Demonstrations Across America

illegal alien protests


The groups themselves, their members and the left-wing propagandist, both in media and government, label them as “immigrant rights groups,” but that’s deliberately misleading. If they were immigrants, they would have nothing to protest and nothing to fear from law enforcement. They would be legally in the United States.

But they’re illegal aliens, not immigrants. The dictionary defines an immigrant as a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence. Illegals migrate for as long as they can get away with it. They enter the arrangement knowing that it’s probably temporary, that they’re criminals every day they’re in the parasitic host nation and that they’ll exist on the fringes of society. They might find a way to pull it off permanently, but that should be the rare exception to the rule. In a normal setting, the jig is up as soon as they drive with a broken tail light and get pulled over. They know going into it that it’s a situation where there is little in the way of rights beyond the basics of survival.

Now those who have no right to be in the United States are demanding that they be granted to them in an oxymoron they call “immigrant rights.” The pandering of the illegal alien occupying our White House for the last eight years has led them to feel emboldened and entitled, to the point of making demands. Their demands should be limited to simple requests, like a window or aisle seat on a bus pointed south.

In response to the threat of a return to the rule of law under a Trump presidency, illegals and their anarchist supporters held rallies in approximately fifty cities across the country, expressing their demands. The orchestrated effort, which undoubtedly has the nasty fingerprints of George Soros’ Open Society all over it, declared Saturday to be a “Day of Action” timed to coincide with other Democrat anti-American events being held in the lead up to the Trump inauguration and the days afterwards.

One agitator, Ricardo Zamudio of Neighborhood Ministries in Phoenix, typified the blustery anti-American Democrat position, saying, “We are prepared to defend our dreams and our families, whatever comes. There is a lot at stake here.”

The agitators are pushing cities to continue the illegal sanctuary policies that have encouraged illegals to remain in the United States and offered them protection while doing so. Another protester, Cristina Jimenez, the executive director of the national United We Dream organization said, “there is a deep sense of fear and worry in immigrant (illegal alien) communities. At the same time, there is no way we will go back to living in the shadows.” That’s great, they can go back to living in Mexico or El Salvador in the daylight, report to your local ICE office.

Agitator Evelyn Solis, said, “In six days, we are going to have a president who is deporting millions. As a Latina woman, I’m afraid for my safety. With the organization being united we are going to create a safe zone for all people.” An illegal area where illegals are safe from the law is the same kind of sanctuary policy, a law-free zone, that Obama tried to create on a national scale. It’s probably not going to happen under a legitimate president who puts the needs and interests of Americans first.

There’s one window seat left, Evelyn, it’s yours if you want it.

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7 Comments on Illegal Aliens Demand “Rights” In Demonstrations Across America

  1. To all you demonstrators – thank you for opening my eyes! You are absolutely correct – we MUST make the changes necessary so you feel welcome here. Here is what I propose: Go down to the local police department (no, you won’t be arrested for going there), and list your name, names of anyone with you, and your address. Give us a few months to finalize the plans, then pack your suitcases and be ready to travel to a relocation and processing center. Finally, when it is your turn, you will be put on buses and shipped back to the nearest American border closest to where you came from! There – now, I hope you’re happy!!!

  2. For more indept information on what these illegals are really doing and why California is now a cesspool, I recommend reading the book, “Enemies Within”, by Trevor Loudon. He provides a lot of information regarding how communist are operating through the Mexican and Black Communities, even Obama and the “Affordable Health Care”. It is a very interesting book. There is also a movie out with the same name by same author.

  3. You have no legal rights ! You willingly and knowingly entered illegally !!! You are now a criminal. What part of the laws of this land don’t you understand ??? Oh that’s right Lawlessness

  4. Dr. Deplorable // January 17, 2017 at 12:55 am // Reply

    Evelyn Solis! Don’t let the door hit you on your way home!

  5. TONYA PARNELL // January 16, 2017 at 4:51 pm // Reply


  6. If you want a place like America it’s where you came from! It’s up to you to go home and make it a better place by not hiding in the shadows. That’s your real home but you abandoned it to go and commit a crime in another country. 2 rights don’t make a wrong! You’ve all got a lot of catching up to do at your home country! Start fixing it now and maybe in so many years you’ll have your own country back in order to the point that it will resemble a human place to live.

  7. To illegal immigrants, you have rights. They are called Miranda rights.

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