Illegal Alien Multiple Voter Claims Her Sentence Is Too Harsh, Being Used As Example

illegal voter fraud ortega


A Mexican woman who has been squatting in Texas illegally for most of her 37 years is complaining that she’s being treated unfairly for voting as if she were a citizen in the United States. She claims she didn’t know any better, that she was confused, falsely believing that being a resident was the same thing as being a citizen. She’s been sentenced to serve eight years in prison.

In a jailhouse interview, Rosa Maria Ortega claims that she didn’t understand the difference between being a legal permanent resident of the United States and a citizen. Although she claims she’s lived in the United States since she was a baby, it’s unclear how that makes her a legal permanent resident. It’s particularly unlikely in view of the fact that she admits in the interview that she’s going to be deported upon completion of her sentence.

Ortega claims her eight-year-sentence is extreme and that she’s being treated in an overly harsh manner in order to send a message to other potential fraudulent illegal voters. She was convicted on two counts of illegal voting, but had reportedly been doing so regularly since 2005. She says sentences such as hers should be reserved for real criminals who commit “real crimes.”

“It’s not fair,” She claims it’s all a misunderstanding, that her mother, an illegal who brought her into the United States with her when she violated our sovereignty, told her she was a legal citizen, so that’s what she’s always thought. She apparently never understood that legal citizens have birth certificates or naturalization papers to back up their claims.

As a member of the Hispanic community in the Dallas area, who speaks English, it’s difficult to believe that she doesn’t understand that she is not a legal citizen. She’s had four children in the United States, who all presumably have birth certificates. Did she never wonder why they have something that she doesn’t have? Are we to believe that in this time in which immigration has been such a hot issue, that she never happened upon a news broadcast, either in English or Spanish, that explained the situation? Is it possible she’s not being honest about this? Could that have something to do with her plea deal being pulled at the last minute?

While she claims to have voted Republican in the elections in which she cast her illegal ballots, Ortega sounds a lot like a typical Democrat. She doesn’t blame own decisions, but race and politics for her predicament. That’s a Democrat line of thought if we’ve ever heard one.

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4 Comments on Illegal Alien Multiple Voter Claims Her Sentence Is Too Harsh, Being Used As Example

  1. She is a liar and BS artist. 8 years sounds just about right. 10 would have been perfect. Hasta luego atup!

  2. If she’s still living in America, it’s not harsh enough. The real example is to deport her!

  3. Alton Robinson // February 16, 2017 at 8:39 pm // Reply

    Remember oblammer told all the mexicans to get out and vote, to protect his legacy, and nothing would be done to them. How many others voted? Sadly we will never know as there will never be an investigation.
    Only the special kind of stupid thinks illegals will not vote in our elections. This is the first time I have ever heared of anyone being proscuted for doing this.

  4. Dr. Deplorable // February 16, 2017 at 11:54 am // Reply

    Praise the Lord for Making America Great Again!

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