With the DOJ IG report due out any day, the importance of the Freedom Caucus members’ letter sent to Trump requesting he order the Sessions DOJ to cooperate…

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The news that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has completed a draft copy of his investigative report into misconduct leads off an information packed interview with Reps Jim Jordan and Ron DeSantis, and Sara Carter.

Carter points out that the release date had to be extended because there was new information that she says Horowitz felt “was imperative” to include in the report. She says, “This is going to be very important,” noting that the IG has the 1.2 million documents “that Congress has been practically begging for” as well as pushing and threatening with subpoenas.  [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Rep Jordan says it’s good news that the report will be coming out soon, “but more importantly, I think, is the letter we sent. We’re just tired of the runaround we’ve been getting from the Department of Justice. It’s time for them to turn over the information.”

He continues, “And the one way that we know that can happen is for the head of the executive branch, the President of the United States, elected by the American people, to tell the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General and the FBI Director, give Congress, a separate and equal branch of government, what we’re entitled to see.”

After Hannity runs down a list of some of the ways in which the crooks at DOJ and the FBI have abused their positions of trust, DeSantis replies to Hannity, “That’s why Sean, I think, the combination of the IG report hitting, hopefully very soon, and then if the President pulls the trigger on all of this other information, we could have the gusher of information that provides all of the clarity that we’ve been asking about all of these different questions.”

DeSantis notes, “And yeah, you talked about the beginning, how did this Russia probe even start, very important question. But even things going up into the special counsel. I mean, Rosenstein writes an appointing order, appointing Mueller. The things defective on its face, so what does he do in August? He writes a secret addendum, a new appointing order, and then they’ve redacted most of it. They wouldn’t even show the federal judge that.”

Hannity then states his reluctance to trust Michael Horowitz, noting that all of the same accolades used to describe him as a virtuous man of integrity were also used to praise the corrupt partisan hack, Robert Mueller.

Carter points out that the “Crossfire Hurricane” report from DOJ and the FBI was a CYA effort in the lead up to the IG report that they knew was about to be released. DeSantis closes out the interview by echoing Ronald Reagan, saying “We need to trust but verify. That’s why if the President releases these documents, we can view Horowitz’s report and then decide for ourselves with everything else.”

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