ICE Nets 61 Dangerous “Additional Crime” Illegal Aliens In Five-Day Operation

immigration raids


Having lived for over thirty years in Nevada, most of it in the Reno area, it was a bit of welcome good news when I saw that ICE had been conducting raids to get some of the illegal trash in the state collected. They can’t pick it all up yet, as President Trump has adopted a policy of focusing on the most dangerous components. Still, that particularly unsavory segment of the illegal population has had a noticeable negative impact on the quality of life and they are those most in need of expulsion.

Using the unfortunate and redundant terminology of “criminal aliens” to describe those being targeted, ICE agents reported the arrest of 61 illegals in an operation in Nevada last week. “Additional Crime” foreigners, who had been previously convicted of armed robbery, sex crimes, child abuse, assault, identity theft, drunk driving, domestic violence, drug offenses, and previously deported aliens were among those picked up.

In a written statement, ICE officials said, “ERO officers here in Nevada and around the country are focused first and foremost on using this agency’s unique tools and authorities to help keep our communities safe. Our enforcement efforts last week are representative of the work we’ve been doing and will continue to do.”

They reported that ninety percent of the illegals arrested had criminal convictions. The offenses included 18 for DUI, a crime that frequently is repeated, with potentially deadly consequences. There were also 8 with drug offenses, 7 for fraud / identity theft, 3 with domestic violence, 3 sex crimes, 3 larceny, 2 assault / battery, 3 cruelty toward, neglect of a child, 1 vehicle theft, 1 false imprisonment, 1 robbery, 1 property damage, 1 arson, 1 contempt of court, and one traffic offense. 35 of those arrested were in the immediate Reno/Sparks area, and, while 54 were the usual suspects from Mexico, Guatemala or El Salvador, the dragnet caught 1 Iranian, 1 Cuban and 1 Armenian as well.

They also noted that in listing the crimes the illegals committed, they only assign one, the higher level offense, to each in their reporting, although many have multiple convictions for multiple offenses.

ICE officials emphasized that those targeted in the raids were deemed to pose a threat to public safety as well as previously deported re-entries and fugitives from orders of removal. Those with existing orders of removal will be immediately deported under those orders as will some of the illegal re-entry captures. Others may face up to twenty years in prison for their repeat offense and then be deported. The remainder will be processed for deportation.

In keeping with the way that enforcement is currently being prioritized, officials noted that some persons may have been picked up during the raids who had committed no crimes other than being in the country illegally and that those cases would be evaluated individually to determine whether or not the person is deported.

The bottom line is that, thanks to Donald Trump and the good people in DHS, the streets of Reno / Sparks are now safer than they were last week. Thanks ICE – you do good work, when you’re allowed to.


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