ICE, Border Patrol Joint Statement – Applaud Trump, Now They Can Defend US

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The  screeching left can’t rely upon facts to fight against the actions of President Trump because the facts are all in his favor. All they have as a counter are their customary alarmism, false humanitarianism and cries of bigotry and discrimination, played at an extraordinarily high volume. Like other situations, they’re dependent upon the malleability and  ignorance of a large segment of the American people as their only chance of success.

President Trump has promised all along, since his announcement as a candidate, that he was going to build a wall on the border and that Mexico would pay for it. Just as he has now demonstrated with it and other promises made on the campaign, he’s a man of his word. The invasion of illegals and terrorists as well as the trafficking drugs and guns across our southern border will stop, and the wall is only one ingredient in the recipe.

He’s also relying upon the experience, training and expertise of America’s border defenders at Customs and Border Protection as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement to play an increased role. Some common situations which are typical of those which arise during routine work conducted by the ICE and CBP Agents, had, under Obama, required a phone call to a DHS lawyer somewhere to get a recommended course of action in order to proceed. The professional law enforcement personnel will now be allowed to use their own discretion.

President Trump has also ended the catch and release policy which made much of their work a futile exercise that had the same impact as if they had never engaged the illegal alien to begin with. The executive order halting the importation of “refugees” is also being met with wide approval.

There will be up to 15,000 new hires of enforcement officers and detention facilities constructed, with actual deportations once again becoming commonplace. State and local law enforcement agencies assisting federal officers will be allowed access to federal lands, removing them as “cop-free” zones for the cartels to set up operations or evade detection and arrest.

One might expect that ICE and CBP agents who have been forced to tolerate blatant disregard for the rule of law and the US Constitution by their superiors might be responding favorably to these changes and they’d be right. In fact, they’re so pleased about the new direction at DHS and in the nation in general that they issued a joint statement on their website telling us exactly how they feel. They wrote:

Joint Press Release Between Border Patrol and ICE Councils

As representatives of the nation’s Frontline immigration officers and agents responsible for enforcing our laws and protecting our borders, we fully support and appreciate President Trump’s swift and decisive action to keep the American people safe and allow law enforcement to do its job.

We applaud the three executive orders he has issued to date, and are confident they will make America safer and more prosperous. Morale amongst our agents and officers has increased exponentially since the signing of the orders. The men and women of ICE and Border Patrol will work tirelessly to keep criminals, terrorists, and public safety threats out of this country, which remains the number one target in the world – and President Trump’s actions now empower us to fulfill this life saving mission, and it will indeed save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

Hopefully it won’t be long before they’re putting those writing skills to work for the United States in a different way, detailing the criminal violations and corruption of the Obama regime and officials over the course of the last eight years. Attorney General Sessions could use their information. Imagine the morale boost for the nation when grand juries hand those indictments down.

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