Hypocrite NAACP Requires Photo ID To Participate In Anti Voter ID Protest March

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Hypocrisy is as much a part of the NAACP and their social manipulators and leftist attention addicts as a stupid childish chants. A rally just isn’t complete without a good old-fashioned “no justice no peace” or “hands up don’t shoot.” They thrive on being a nuisance to the rest of American society in order to make their point. It’s what we get, what we deserve, our payback for having oppressed them so terribly for all these years.

Marching in the streets is a staple method for them to get noticed by the regular folks who are busy out trying to make a living and don’t have time to take off for an afternoon stroll in the middle of traffic. It’s especially attention-grabbing for the folks who are inconvenienced by having to find an alternative route or having customers unable to make their way to their businesses.

In an upcoming march set for Saturday, the NAACP displayed new levels of hypocrisy, or at least displayed the existing levels in a new and more glaring way.  The event, which is to take place in Raleigh, North Carolina, is billed as a protest against those “repressive and racist” voter ID laws that Republicans and other evil people are always trying to force upon them. The NAACP knows an attempt to disenfranchise somebody when they see it. Poor black voters aren’t capable of obtaining a photo ID and requiring someone to prove they’re citizens or prevent them from voting multiple times is just Republicans being racists.

As it turns out, those same “racist” requirements are being placed upon the participants in the NAACP’s own event. A photo ID is required to march against photo IDs. No hypocrisy there, right?

The self-righteous rabble-rouser, Rev William Barber ll has labeled the event the “Moral March,” as he asked for a “wave of civil disobedience.” That should be easy. The Rev’s just calling for the marchers to be themselves. Most participants have long ago forgotten what civil “obedience” is, if they ever knew.

The Daily Caller described Barber’s event as “the latest of a series of protests held against the state’s GOP-controlled legislature. Over 900 ‘peaceful’ and ‘non-violent’ protesters have been arrested since the beginning of the state’s legislative session last January. Police have taken a handful of them into custody each week after they obstructed legislators within the capitol building.”

Obama’s OFA is once again “Out Fracking America,” nowhere near satisfied with the levels of submission to their demands. They never will be. They’re still marching for global government and the destruction of America, as unwitting pawns focused on their own pursuit of black supremacy and against the fabricated “white privilege.”

The NAACP and their members already have equal rights, but now they’ve set their sights on extra-equal rights. Their organization would theoretically cease to exist once their goals are achieved, so that cannot be allowed to ever happen. There are four reasons, from their perspective, for the NAACP to live on in perpetuity: To advance the Democrat anti-American agenda, to suppress whitey, to advance their own black supremacy agenda, and to hang on to their good-paying jobs as social parasites. They learned a lot watching Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.



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