Hypocrite Dems Urged Trust For Lying AG Lynch, Schumer Viciously Attacking Sessions

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Democrats took a much different view of things when their Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, met with the husband of their political candidate, Hillary Clinton, who was under an actual investigation for treason and espionage against the United States. That meeting, which was supposed to have remained a secret, but was conducted in such a manner that word got out, was considered no big deal by the Democrats and their Attorney General above any reproach.

Harry Reid said so, stating to reporters on June 30th, 2016, just three days before her surprise FBI interview and five days before the decision to leave the poor tired career criminal alone by FBI Director Comey. Reid said, “I can’t control who meets with whom. All I can say is Loretta Lynch is one of the most outstanding human beings I’ve ever known. Her ethics is above reproach. No one could ever question her, her, humph, her strong feelings about the rule of law and her ethics are, I repeat, the best.”

He bails out, tossing the microphone to Chuck Schumer, who said, as a fellow New Yorker, “She is an honorable person, we know that. She has a reputation of being honorable, our Republican colleagues have said it. She has said nothing was discussed related to the investigation. So you have two choices, to say that this didn’t matter, or she’s lying. I think it didn’t matter, I don’t think she’s lying.”

The Senators’ position is that their assertion that the Attorney General is of the highest ethical standards is sufficient to justify the American people taking people taking her at her word that her secret meeting was just to discuss the Clinton grandchildren and Bill’s golf game. It’s a meeting for which there was no legitimate, credible reason for it to have taken place other than to make a plea or offer a deal for not indicting his wife.

Why is it not at least equally acceptable for Senator Sessions to have met with a Russian diplomat as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, a perfectly legitimate and required function of his position and for the endorsement of those who know him to not also be taken at face value.? It involves political hysteria around rumored and completely unsubstantiated assertions that Russia was meddling in our elections, partisan claims for which no evidence exists.

It certainly appears to be another example of Democrat and Chuck Schumer hypocrisy, and evidence of the double standard that Republicans insist on letting them get away with. How about Hussein Obama using taxpayer money to try to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Senator Schumer, in 2015? We’d love to hear you justify that criminal intervention on the part of your Party and your dictator.

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