Hypocrite Dems Get Tongue-Lashing From Graham, Arsonists Complaining About The Fire

lindsey graham


Sometimes, occasionally, the sharp edge of an establishment tool can serve a broader purpose than that for which it was acquired and honed. Senator Lindsey Graham got it right, this time, when he called out Senate Democrats for their hypocrisy and double standard in opposing judge Gorsuch and using Merrick Garland as the pretext for doing so. Democrats will always vote in the interest of their agenda first and as a bloc, although they disguise it as circumstances permit. 

Graham told Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, “The bottom line is, I don’t think Judge Garland was treated different or unfairly than what y’all would have done. And let me just say this to your faces, if the roles were reversed, I don’t believe one minute that you would have given the accommodation you are asking us to have given Garland, given the behavior of what you have done in the past.”

“So this idea, somehow,” says Graham, “that if this had happened in Bush’s last year, 43, y’all would have allowed him, after the primary season was afoot, to pick somebody and put him on the court, and defy history, is just laughable to me, given what you’ve done.”

Graham reminded Democrats, “Senator Schumer led a wholesale filibuster of everything Bush 43 in his first term. I was in the gang of 14, we lost two circuit court judges as a result of the deal, but the extraordinary circumstances test held until 2013. And in 2013, with the concurrence of ‘president’ Obama, cause I called him and asked him ‘please don’t do this,’ this has now got to ‘y’all been unfair to me.’ I didn’t think the facts bore that out, just you changed the rules.”

Graham continued, “For everything below the Supreme Court, you had the chance to grab power and you grabbed it. So when you complain about Garland, it’s the arsonist complaining about the fire as far as I’m concerned. Doesn’t bother me one bit in terms of the way Judge Garland was treated, even though he’s a fine man, given the way the Senate, given the Joe Biden view, given reality.”

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