Hungary’s PM Throwing Soros Agitator Groups Out Of His Country

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Finally someone is directing their attention at the source of global unrest rather than the symptoms. They’re targeting the head of the beast, or in this case the beastly head of the beast, rather than predictably and benignly trying to put out the brushfires of radicalism and political chaos that they foment and disseminate. That someone is the nationalist government of Hungary and the vile beast that Prime Minister, Victor Orban, has vowed to eliminate is the Hungarian born global parasite, George Soros.

Orban has been vocal about the destruction being implemented by Soros and his globalist comrades through the EU and was an early supporter of Donald Trump. Now, with the victories of the common man over the elites in Britain, America and even in the Philippines, the public has awoken to the treachery that was afoot. Orban seeks to eliminate it from his soil and that means eliminate George Soros’ organizations and his influence.

Non-governmental organizations linked to Soros have been one of the primary vehicles for Soros’ attempted global coup and are therefore the logical primary target. Szilard Nemeth, a vice president of the ruling Fidesz party, told reporters on Tuesday that Mr. Orban has pledged Hungary will use “all the tools at its disposal” to “sweep out” Soros-funded NGOs, which “serve global capitalists and back political correctness over national governments.”

Nemeth said, “I feel that there is an opportunity for this, internationally,” because of Trump’s election. Hungarian lawmakers will initiate debate on a bill to allow authorities to audit NGO executives, according to parliament’s legislative agenda.

Orban, as Bloomberg notes, was not only the first European leader to publicly back Mr. Trump but he has also ignored criticism from the European Commission and Hussein Obama’s regime, who accused him of building an “illiberal state” modeled on authoritarian regimes, naming Russia, China and Turkey as examples. By today’s realities and definitions, illiberal would mean not communist and not authoritarian, so it’s hard to attach any logic to the Obama comments. A failure to make sense is nothing new for Obama.

Not long ago, in 2014, at the height of the initial selling and implementation of the Islamic invasion, Orban personally ordered a state auditing agency to investigate “foundations” financed by Norway, alleging they were merely covers for “paid political activists.”

Orban is a staunch nationalist and defender of his nation. He is a man of courage who will take action. He has identified a threat to Hungary in the person and the networks of George Soros. Hopefully, in the very near future, a similar action will be forthcoming from the Sessions Justice Department. The Globalist Soros is a problem worldwide. It’s time for freedom loving people of the world to take action against this evil man who sees himself as the dictator of the world. He is the enemy, the beast, the brushfires and his NGOs are the smoke he is hiding behind.

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