Hungary’s PM Pledges To Fight “Soros Mafia Network” And EU Globalists

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The cat is out of the bag – the mangy, sinister, prune-skinned, near-fossilized, fat cat. Globalist George Soros is known for the villain he is to those who are paying attention. One of those who is aware of his campaign of global conquest and destruction is Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary and he’s fighting back.

Orban has been engaged in a long-running, expanding and increasingly open battle with Soros and the EU over their attacks on Hungarian society. He is defying pressure for and the chief manifestation of the threat presently posed by the globalists, the invading Islamic hordes. Orban recognizes that they bring with them the end of Hungary’s culture, Christian heritage and independence.

In a speech on Saturday, Orban said that the EU leadership, in conjunction with and under the direction of Soros, is seeking a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe.” His comments came during a visit to neighboring ally Romania. He pledged his nation’s border fences, with the support of other Central European nations, will continue to successfully block the EU-Soros Islamic invasion effort.

While proudly declaring that Hungary has refused to accept the foreign hordes “who could change the country’s cultural identity,” Orban promised that under his leadership, Hungary would remain a place where “Western European Christians will always be able to find security.” That is a feeling we used to take for granted in the United States but increasingly that sense of security is similarly being deliberately eroded away.

We must fight the Soros Mafia network and Brussels Bureaucrats

Orban, who will seek a fourth term in April of 2018, said, “In the upcoming campaign, first of all we have to confront external powers. We have to stand our ground against the Soros mafia network and the Brussels bureaucrats. And, during the next nine months, we will have to fight against the media they operate.”

That is a political situation similar to what we Americans and President Trump face, although instead of the European Union we are battling the entrenched anti-American, globalist DC establishment. The Hungarians’ task might be easier to the degree that the threat can be identified as external to the EU. The threat posed by Soros has been a key component of Prime Minister Orban’s political narrative.

Orban championed legislation that recently passed which seeks to shutter the Soros brainwashing facility deceptively named the Central European University, founded by Soros in 1991 in Budapest. There are also new rules in place restricting foreign-funded NGOs of the type Soros operates through his “Open Society” network.

In his speech, Prime Minister Orban reiterated his accusations that Soros-funded NGOs are attempting to degrade Hungary’s security by pushing for acceptance of the invaders through their now razor-wired shut borders.

Orban pointed to neighboring Poland as the current primary target of the global Islamization movement in Europe. Their efforts to place their Supreme Court under political control have incurred the wrath of the EU and specifically European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans, who Orban described as their “chief inquisitor.”

Hungary will stand with Poland against Soros – EU bullying

Orban said, “The main target of the inquisition, the example of national governance to be weakened, destroyed and broken, is Poland.” He pledged to defend the Polish government, vowing, “Hungary will use every legal possibility in the European Union to be in solidarity with the Poles.”

NATO in many ways misses the mark and has become diluted with what may well evolve into enemy regimes as members. Turkey is chief among them but if the Islamification process continues, as their influx and birthrates foretell, Russia begins to pale by comparison as a threat. The Islamization of Europe may force a reevaluation of a lot of things.

The US leaders, the few, if any, aside from President Trump, that really seek what is best for America, should consider following Orban’s lead and taking action against Soros. He’s a mobster, and just the kind of scumbag RICO statutes were created for. Then again, that Southern District of New York is involved in the Mueller witch hunt. They’re completely compromised; Soros is safe.


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    SO WE NEED TO kill the plague by any means POSSIBLE, TO SAVE OURSELVES.

  2. id love to see JAY AS AG.
    BUT i’VE BEEN wondering where the hell IS TREY GOWDY OF LATE??

  3. Every person or country who joins the fight against Globalization and Soros is a friend of mine! Loved the Polish when Trump gave his speech, and the Hungarians seem to be of the same ilk. I welcome them in the fight (or perhaps they could welcome me, lol, they may have been fighting first).

    • Two thumbs up, Pat! I agree 110%. Soros is a cancer that cannot be permitted to continue metastasizing and spreading throughout the world. Soros’ influence and Alinski’s mantras, as specified in the “Rules for Radicals” have already infected the Democrat Party to the point that they can probably never be cured. Sick!


  5. The final paragraph summation is totally on target. This would go a long way in reversing the destruction from the globalists. Maybe we need Fitton as AG, or Sekelow. We need to start the cleanup.

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