Hungary Border Fence Cut Illegals By 99% – Not Big Or Beautiful, It Just Works

hungary wall fence

Fences and walls work. When people oppose them, they generally do so for that reason. The reason globalist Democrats and other open borders proponents are fighting against a border wall is because with walls the illegal flow shuts down.

President Trump would do well to remember that fact in his interactions with his opponents. They never want the border to be secured. They will fight every inch of ground against a wall being built. They are toying with him, playing along and buying favors and victories along the way in exchange for nothing and false promises.

George Soros is putting on the same hard push for the overrunning of Hungary that he is in the rest of Europe but Prime Minister Viktor Orban knows exactly what is going on. Instead of making a deal for riches or surrendering as a coward, the two most popular options for politicians challenged by Soros, Orban fought back. He built a barrier, a double layer fence, the poor man’s big beautiful wall.

It has worked amazingly well, cutting illegal immigration by over 99%. Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács held a press conference on Friday at the border crossing station in Röszke. It marked the second anniversary of the closure of the Hungarian-Serbian green border.

He noted that with the completion of the first phase of the technical barrier on September 15th, 2015, it became possible to enter the country only through legal means. There was an assault on police at the Röszke border crossing by several hundred armed “migrants” in the early days, which was repelled.

“This was the only time force had to be used to protect police officers and the Hungarian border,” Mr. Kovács stated. “There is continuous migration pressure on our borders; without the measures that are still in place today, the situation would be much worse.”

Chief Security Advisor to the prime Minister, Mr. György Bakondi, told reporters that Hungary had succeeded in establishing a solid border security system which serves the internal security of both Hungary and the European Union. He explained, “The system of technical barriers is the key to the success of border security, and without it, it would be impossible to stop the mass arrival of immigrants.”

He continued, “People who attack the fence are taking a stand in favor of allowing large numbers of people to enter the country without any form of control. However, the technical barrier is not sufficient in itself; the continuous presence of a significant number of police and military personnel is also required.”

The statistics are striking. Bakondi pointed out, “The number of successful attempts to illegally cross the border fell from 391,000 in 2015 to 18,236 in 2016 and only 1,184 in 2017.

The Hungarian success should not be overlooked or discounted. It is proof that if a nation has the will to protect itself and installs even rudimentary barriers with the associated staffing levels of armed defensive personnel, border security can be achieved.

President Trump talked the right game in the election. We need to see that talk translated into action at the border. Democrats will oppose the fence no matter what he does or says. It is antithetical to who they are. He must remain determined and actively working for its construction.

Forget about making nice with Pelosi and Schumer. Make good on your promises, Mr. President. Build the border wall – don’t give away your leverage, use it.


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3 Comments on Hungary Border Fence Cut Illegals By 99% – Not Big Or Beautiful, It Just Works

  1. Trump needs to BUILD THAT DAMN WALL PERIOD.

  2. Yes Rick, It is Obvious why these Anti-American Creeps don’t want our Boarder wall or anything to secure the US for the American People. If they are against it! That is a red flag in anything when there Mouths flap. Prime Minister Viktor Orban “Poor Man Wall is Good and Working” Because HE wants to protect his People! Here in the US Trump needs to stick to the WALL Period. VERY SECURE. Here in the US these Globalist and Dem-rats we cannot ever expect them to Do anything CORRECT of for the People. Repairs, or Poor Man fence here would just be a thing They could Compromise, Cut back of Armed guards, other means of Protection as We have already Seen! We have two many ememys inside trying to destroy US.Be nice to have them all Locked up or Deported them the wall in PLACE. Over this WALL and Trumps Meetings with these Swamp Maggots Just has been very Disapointed feeling betrayed Icing on the Cake of all the other Weird Decisions and What has been going on around him. I always New we could have been To destroyed by OBARFF the Globalist with the Destruction of this Country in the last 8 yrs. IMO: Trump has NO POWEER, We do not have a peoples Goverment. “President” is just in Title, we are Run by the Deep State period. Wonder what the Patriots are Waiting for? The People will have to Fight this One and it is not going to happen counting on Trump, Votes, Bills the good old Fashion way. We have been taken over. Funny when I do think of this Whole Mess,and if everyone stopped paying taxes (Blackout) Stop working, IF Possible Don’t pay Federal and State taxes.patriot Business’s across the states, Payroll, federal, state taxes Don’t send In! Can you imagine the Impact this would have! We the KEY THING U keep seeing over every ISSUES, Is People Bitching THE TAX PAYERS are Paying for all this and PISSED. ILLEGALS, WELFARE, Housing, were paying the SS fund to People who never worked here, The Swamp maggots Salary’s,the There Life style, Paying terrorist, Paying the Muslims for there assault and take over in the US. How many Billions do we send to other Country’s helping them? Hey if People where SMART RICK. The People Actually HAVE THE CONTROL to put ALL OF THIS To a Halt! What is Wrong with everyone? If this was Very Well ORG, And a plan put in place, It would Work. What do you do if you hire a Bad Employee, Fire A bad Job all screwed Up You don’t pay.. (Like to Know how Many Millions of times the Words have come across the Internet by the People, If every topic destroying our Nation, saying “And We the tax payer People are Paying for this”! Lets figure out now Maybe with rubbing two brains together, How we the People can then STOP PAYING FOR ALL THIS A reminder they all work for the People, not the other way around of how its become.

  3. I believe that the border “wall” in Israel only cost 1 million per mile, and is also working well. If we need military presence as well then instead of wasting money and men in Afghanistan, IMO, put them on the border. Another position that went 180 against the campaign rhetoric.

    I’ll be interested to know what our cost will be, if we even get one.

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