Brit Hume – Trump Admin Got Rolled By Chuck And Nancy

brit hume

Chris Wallace asks Brit Hume for his take on President Trump aligning himself with “Chuck and Nancy” and “undercutting not only Republican Senators but his own Treasury Secretary.

He was in the middle of making his pitch in the Oval Office when the President sided with them. Hume says, “Not everybody was happy. I have no doubt Chuck and Nancy were happy. He got rolled. The President got rolled and his administration therefore got rolled.

Hume continues, “Because, as you pointed out correctly, doing this short term deal attached to the Hurricane Harvey money, which was a must pass and therefore a good vehicle to do a longer debt limit extension and perhaps other things as well, is now a three month deal, and we’re right back where we started except without the Hurricane Harvey leverage when December rolls around.”

“So it’s a terrible deal,” says Hume. “And I think the President, he wanted to sign something, so he got something to sign but he got rolled.” Wallace asks, “Is it a onetime thing?” Hume notes, “You listed correctly for your guests the different issues that now are coming along.”

Hume says, “You know, tax reform, the border wall and the rest of it, Obamacare. Chuck and Nancy are not going to be with him on those things. So this new so-called alliance it seems to me is more likely to be a one-off than it is of being any new coalition that’s going to last and abolish, as a New York Times headline suggested today, two party rule.”

“It’s ridiculous,” says Hume. 

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