Huge Victory For America As Trump, Sessions Kill TPP – Elites Coup Defeated For Now

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President Trump demonstrated who he is and what his presidency is all about on Monday with the signing of an executive order that removes the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That agreement was highly coveted by the establishment globalists as were the other two that would have followed, including a similar arrangement with the globalist European Union, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, T-TIP.

By killing TPP, President Trump has struck a huge blow for the American people and our independence, and our sovereignty. He removed from the globalist corporate elite a mechanism, years in the making, written largely by the 600 corporations it would benefit, that would have given them virtually unrestrained power, preference and protection in commerce and elsewhere, both from competition as well as in legal matters. The establishment elites and globalists hated Mr. Trump before he took this action. It’s safe to say they loathe him now.

In June of 2015, Senator Jeff Sessions, a champion of the American citizen and worker, made the following statement regarding TPP. He said,

“this is not a “free trade” deal. It is, as Daniel DiMicco explained, “unilateral trade disarmament” and “the enablement of foreign mercantilism,” whereby we open our markets to new foreign imports and they keep their non-tariff barriers that close their markets to ours.

‘President’ Obama refuses to answer questions about the impact on unemployment, wage stagnation, and trade deficits. He refuses because the answer is all three will get worse. For instance, a study published in the Wall Street Journal showed that—due to barriers to U.S. auto exports—the deal would increase foreign transportation imports over our exports by nearly four-fold.

Sessions sees the sovereignty of America being delegated to a trade committee which can change U.S. law in full and direct violation of the United States Constitution, effectively placing the United States under a UN type of servitude to foreign powers, an arrangement similar to the European Union.

In the second video below, from May of 2015, Senator Sessions warned of some of the anti-sovereignty aspects of the TPP, although he was limited on time and couldn’t get into the foreign control of US immigration, potential gun control, the separate legal system for international corporations that gives them preference over solely America-based companies and supersedes, with no avenue for appeal, American law. That system is staffed by the various corporate members themselves, a corrupt kangaroo court without the kangaroos.

This was a seizure of power from the American people, a direct attack on our sovereignty built upon the globalist models of NAFTA and CAFTA, only they were going for the big prize with this one. These are not free trade agreements, they are trade restrictions and profiteering licenses in disguise. They are attempts to invalidate our Constitution and transfer power from the American people to our globalist enemies. Mr. Trump defeated them today but they’ll be back, they always come back.

After signing the executive order removing us from the TPP agreement, Mr. Trump said, “Great thing for the American worker, what we just did.” That’s true, but it goes much further. It’s a great thing for every American and for our nation. He started his administration with an action and a message that the globalist predators have no place in our nation. And he delivered that message loud and clear.

Senator Jeff Sessions argued strongly on multiple occasions against TPP and the associated fast-track authority, facing the rigged establishment operatives who refused to allow debate on the issue. They remained unwavering, particularly McConnell and Hatch, even in the face of evidence it transferred power from Congress to the executive branch, and more importantly, from the Constitution to foreign commissions. The video below is from May of 2015.

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