Huckabee Idea For A Better 2017 – Jackhammer UN Into The East River

huckabee un east river


Governor Mike Huckabee was once considered the front runner for the job of US Ambassador to Israel under the new incoming Trump administration. It’s not surprising he’s disheartened by the recent antics of the UN and the Obama regime with the orchestrated condemnation by abstention of Kerry, Power and Obama cooked up together as a parting shot to the Jewish nation.

Governor Huckabee, in an appearance on Fox and Friends voiced a solution for the meddlesome, anti-American, anti-Israel, globalist power grabbing UN world government wannabes. He suggested, “I think we ought to get jackhammers and we ought to jackhammer the whole thing off. Float it into the East River. Ask anybody who would like to host it to come pick it up, haul it off, and it will be a lot easier to park in Manhattan after we get rid of it.”

Putting that kind of trash into the East River would likely require some kind of waiver from the EPA, but since the same trash that is now occupying that agency and the White House will likewise be taking a trip into irrelevance and oblivion, it just might be doable. If de Blasio objected there’s no doubt we could find room to fit him in as well. Nobody is going to miss the overbearing self-righteous, self-impressed “diplomats” in New York City nor will they miss the endless traffic jams as the “important people” from UN crap hole countries come to sit and make declarations about how the rest of us should live and conduct our affairs.

Jackhammers might be a bit inefficient, though, Governor. Controlled demolitions are probably more in order and could bring it down into its own footprint. Too bad we missed the recent General Assembly, it would have been a great time for a secret demolition with only a few of the building’s occupants let in on the secret in advance. We wouldn’t want to ruin the big surprise.

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