Huckabee Calls For Comey To Resign – Truth Will Vindicate Trump, Vilify Obama

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General Michael Hayden, who used to head both the CIA and the NSA is not an objective third party commentator. He’s providing deep state cover and still pushing what is increasingly being exposed as the lie that Donald Trump and the Russians colluded or that the Russians acted independently against Hillary Clinton in the elections. It’s becoming increasingly harder for him to do so, given the growing evidence pile that leads to the CIA.

As he speaks, there are no facts included in what he says, only opinion and vague, broad assertions. He states that he doesn’t “know that the Russians actually committed the theft,” as he’s about to accuse them of doing precisely that. Hayden says, “With regard to the timing, I mean look, I’m now pretty close to the position that WikiLeaks is acting as an arm, as an agent of the Russian Federation.”

So if he’s not able to state the most basic premise for such a claim, that the Russians were involved with any certainty, how is he then able to make the leap that someone leaking information about the CIA wrongdoing is acting on their behalf. Hayden is flailing, attempting to throw blame in any direction other than at the two agencies he headed and his successor at the CIA, John Brennan. Borrowing his language, it appears that Hayden is acting as an arm, as an agent of the establishment deep state and the propaganda media.

Huckabee’s comments are much less measured and much more honest than those of General Hayden. He says, “There are some things that we need to know about as American citizens, particularly if it potentially violates every constitutional right that Americans have. If our government is spying on us, if our government is holding back secrets about us and stealing things from us in the way of information, then something is rotten, not just in Denmark. It’s rotten in DC and we’ve got to get to the bottom of it because otherwise we don’t have this great republic that most of us believe that we have.”

Huckabee says, “That’s why Shannon, this is terrible. I think this thing stinks bigger than the hog barn at the Iowa State Fair. And even when Michael Hayden talks, he doesn’t say that the Russians did it. He says, ‘I think they might have.’ Here’s what we do know. There was information being shared by the Obama administration to the Clinton campaign. Robbie Mook said that on Tuesday on Fox and Friends.

And what that tells us is that information that the government was collecting was being given to the private citizen Hillary Clinton and to a political campaign on the Democrat side. That ought to be looked into and investigated. Huckabee says he believes “what we’re ultimately going to find out – Donald Trump will be vindicated and the Obama administration will be vilified when the facts come out.”

The subject of FBI Director Comey is raised, with a Michael Goodwin article in the New York Post in which Bream quotes him as saying, “Comey’s aggressive self-righteousness makes him bigger than the institution he leads and everybody in Washington knows that crossing him can be dangerous to your career.”

Huckabee agrees with Goodwin, saying, “James Comey has assumed the position that no FBI director should assume. We saw what happened when a heavy-handed FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, used what he knew to pressure politicians to get what he wanted. That’s dangerous, Shannon. This is not how our country works. This is how other countries work that are totalitarian governments. And if James Comey is going to play both sides and play politics, and use his position and information he has to leverage it for power, then I think it’s time for him to go.”

Huckabee agrees with a statement Comey made in a clip that’s played, saying, “He said he was very slippery, on that I have to agree, that he certainly has been. I think something has happened to James Comey from the person that a lot of people knew. It’s unfortunate but I think it’s time for him to go. I don’t care what he says.”

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