“How” Rude – Pretend Indian Sen Warren Displays Disgraceful Conduct

elizabeth warren


Elizabeth Warren put on a display of nastiness that we should all remember for the remainder of her career, as she embarks on future political campaigns and endeavors. She’ just as capable of the phony, smiley face political pandering as the next guy, but this kind of mean-spirited vicious attack is noteworthy. Maybe the neighbor’s dog hiked his leg on her totem pole this morning, that’s not Betsy Devos’ fault.

As she began the hostile grilling of the nominee for Secretary of Education, the objectives were clear. Demean the nominee, embarrass the nominee, label the nominee as unfit and along the way, at every possible juncture, discredit the President-elect.

Knowing that Mrs. Devos is wealthy and would not be able to obtain a student loan even if she had for some reason desired to obtain one, Warren deliberately chose to go down that line of questioning as a means by which to paint her as being out of touch.

The question that Devos surely wanted to ask probably had something to do with lying about ancestry, fabricating an American Indian heritage in order to qualify for student loans, but she avoided the temptation.

Warren starts off the session by picking a fight with Senator Lamar Alexander for not giving her a second round in which to deliver her personal attacks, she also demeans Mrs. Devos for not having her ethics form available to her. She’s says she’s a little confused, but it seems deliberate on Warren’s part, that she’s just being a hag.

Devos clearly knows the set up is underway, as she’s asked if she has any  experience running a trillion dollar bank or a billion dollar loan program. Warren seizes an opportunity to drag Trump University into the questioning, saying, “Now we all know that President-elect Trump’s experience with higher education was to create a fake university. Naturally that’s not the case or he’d be in prison having been convicted of fraud, but the goal has been achieved.

She continues with that dumb, confused pretext when convenient. After an accurate Devos response that she would be working in an oversight function with her staffers performing the actual duties, Warren commented, “So you’re going to subcontract making sure that what happened with universities that cheat students doesn’t happen anymore.” She then questions her on a specific rule that she knows Devos isn’t specifically familiar with, to again, make her look unqualified.

In what is a clear demonstration of the smallness of Elizabeth Warren, after the hearings she attempts to shake her attackers hand and Warren refuses, instead holding her hand up in a sort of half wave half “how” form that may have originated back when she used to be an Indian, when she had darker skin, wore feathers and had principles and decency. Devos seems to be in disbelief at the lack of decorum she was just shown, glancing behind her to see if anyone else caught the snub. Thankfully, C-Span did.

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