House Report – Obama, Eric Holder Lied, Obstructed Justice In “Fast And Furious”

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Anyone who was paying attention to the actions and words of former Attorney General under Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, knew that he was almost as big of a liar as the pretend “president” and equally culpable in many of the activities that were part of their shared anti-America agenda.  Now, with the release of a House Investigative Report comes some more validation of that fact.

Bret Baier details, “An absolutely blistering report tonight, out, saying the Obama administration in general and former Attorney General Eric Holder in particular, repeatedly lied to the family of a slain border patrol officer about the weapons used in his death and stonewalled efforts to get at the truth.”

That slain border patrol officer was Brian Terry, and among those family members who Eric Holder and his accomplices lied to was his mother, who is featured in the video report. It’s very similar to the situation faced by Patricia Smith and others who lost family members in Benghazi, who were also lied to be Obama and by Hillary Clinton  in the same manner, giving excuses instead of truthful answers and obstructing investigative efforts.

The report describes the Fast and Furious gun running scam as a gun walking sting that went wrong and not a deliberate arming of the Mexican gangs for whom the Democrats make entry and trafficking into the United States so incredibly easy.  There was no basis in reason for the supposed sting and no method for tracking the guns once they were out of sight, but it was a somehow still a “sting” and not the arming of their cartel allies.

Senator Charles Grassley, upon confirmation of the fact that 64,000 pages of documents were erroneously labeled as being protected by executive privilege as part of the obstruction by Holder and Obama, was outraged. He said the gold seal of authenticity now has been applied to the House’s bi-partisan vote to hold the Attorney General [Eric Holder] in contempt.”

Terry’s mother said in her remarks, “Only one possible motivation remains for all of those involved who have covered up Fast and Furious. That is to conceal their own shame and disgrace.” With all due respect, Mrs. Terry, there’s another more likely possibility, particularly that you are dealing with Democrats incapable of shame or disgrace,  and prone to criminal activity and profiteering. They’re covering up their complicity, a potential much larger criminal operation that may involved the cartels, drug running and human trafficking,  and protecting themselves from  discovery and the consequences. That is far more likely.

If that weren’t the case, why would they, as whistleblower John Dodson testified, engaged in the acts they did against him. He said, “I was lied about, disparaged, publicly attacked, ridiculed, libeled, I’ve been transferred eleven times, denied promotion, ostracized, barred from government workplaces and banned from public buildings.”

They’re sending a message and it’s not to hide their shame. The reporter notes that “no one from the ATF or Justice Department was fired or severely disciplined for the cover up.”

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8 Comments on House Report – Obama, Eric Holder Lied, Obstructed Justice In “Fast And Furious”

  1. Praise Jesus that President Trump is at the Helm. If the evil whore had won, this would never have come to the surface, it would be buried as they buried all the criminal activity they engaged in. But now, the Truth is being Exposed and within two years, I bet there will be many people in prison or facing trials, over the corruption that infested our government the last eight years under the Kenyan queen, Barry, and HiLIARy.

  2. Hey what about Obama funding the terrorist that have invaded the world’s free countries…who do you all think paid all of them with…say the 10 trillion dollars that was scammed out of this countries funds…yes Obama did far worst then arming the Mexicans…he has armed the Mohammad’s for their Jihad

  3. Look millions of Americans have witnessed the crimes of this so called government…it was nothing but a crime spree for Obama,Clinton,Kerry, and most of all the administration under Obama…they all had their hands out and took the bait…the people have known the truth…now we have to sit through total waste of money investigations when all they really should do is throw their butts into a firing line or hang them all for treason!!!

  4. Justice needs to be served to Obama,Hillary,Eric Holder and all others involved with this outrageous corruption which is very many…JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED!!

  5. Jail these two worthless bastards.

  6. Holder and everyone else involved should be brought up on charges. Holder should lose his license to practice law forever!

  7. Alton Robinson // June 8, 2017 at 6:51 pm // Reply

    But, but the liberals do not lie or obstruct justice. Only the right does that. Oblammer, killary, holder or immuael have never told a lie, the right only accuses them of it. And the msm will confirm what I just wrote.
    I use to listen to the msm and believed that what they were reporting was the news, then for some reason, they quit reporting the news in an unbiased way and started promoting the tearing apart of the awful USA.

    Even fox news now is starting to protect the liberals.

  8. Gather ’round the campfire, conservatives, it’s time we roasted these marshmallows! Off with their heads!

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