House Dems’ Pakistani IT Spies Kidnapped Relative To Steal Inheritance – What Won’t They Do?

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If this were anyone other than Democrat leaders creating these huge security concerns the investigation and the refusal by individuals at the top to prevent further compromises of national security would be front page, lead stories. As it is, the mainstream propagandists are ignoring the story and the many emerging aspects of it.

Many Americans have seen the initial reports of the investigation of three Pakistani brothers and two of their wives being paid $160,000 per year each as part-time providers of IT services, contracted work for which some of them never showed up. In association with that supposed service being provided, access to classified secret information that was stored on House Democrats’ computer systems was gained and therefore compromised. The brothers, Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan continued to travel to Pakistan from time to time during their period of employment, which began for the first brother, Imran, in the early 2000s. He has individually earned, in the period since 2010, $1.2 million in salary, excluding outside ventures and his brothers were paid similarly, with one beginning in 2005 and the other and the wives following later.

It’s also curious that Wasserman-Schultz didn’t connect the dots on her Pakistani IT contractors as her world blew up with the release of DNC emails by WikiLeaks and DC Leaks. Americans might have been less prone to terrorism and espionage but there’s just no substitute for the warm and fuzzy feeling that pro-diversity gives her inside. She was forced to resign and the fake story about the Russians was invented to provide cover, but the real culprit could well have been her IT techs. The Daily Caller revealed Imran Awan “possessed the password to an iPad used by then-Democratic National Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz when DNC emails were given to WikiLeaks.”

That’s the capacity or ability to commit a crime that is a vital component when building a criminal case. It makes their culpability much more probable than the catch-all Russians. She’s also reported to have a  friendly personal relationship with Awan and his wife.

Despite learning that there was an investigation being conducted and most of her fellow Democrats realizing it was making them look bad, as members of intelligence and homeland security committees, to be employing Pakistani spies to conduct their IT services, Debbie Wasserman Schultz stuck by her boys and continues to do so even after more criminal lawbreaking has been exposed. Politico reports that as of Wednesday, Awan was still working as a technology adviser for Wasserman Schultz. Although he’s been blocked from accessing the House computer system since early February, we’ve all seen that Democrats have no problem with bringing classified information home on their laptops. That doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t been privy to it. Extortion, kidnapping and insurance fraud are now entering as another aspect of the investigation into the brothers, but criminal activity is not a problem if you’re a Democrat. Wasserman Schultz and her candidate Clinton are proof of that.

These same upstanding pillars of the Democrat community are also the targets of a separate investigation after their step-mother, Samani Galani, told police her stepchildren were denying her access to her husband of 8 years, Muhammad Shah, who was hospitalized and soon died.

The contact person when police arrived was Abid Awan, who stated to the officers that he had a full power of attorney, although the copy he produced as proof was unsigned and undated. He also refused to devulge his father’s location to police.

When he died a few days later, having never seen his wife, his body was transported to Pakistan. His significant assets were now in jeopardy, as somehow the death certificate indicated he was divorced. A relative who sought to remain anonymous, stated, “They kept their stepmother in sort of illegal captivity from October 16, 2016 to February 2. The relative added, “they would not let the father communicate with the wife, they would say he’d be meeting her when they said so.”

The IT professionals went so far as to plant surveillance devices in her house, telling Galani “her movements were under constant surveillance and conversations within the house and over the telephone were being listened to. They would repeat what she had told people to prove that they were really listening.”

The Daily Caller reports that “Galani learned from a life insurance executive that ‘a few days before the father’s death, the beneficiary was changed and Abid became the beneficiary,’ the relative said. On top of that, the Springfield house where she lived would go to Abid. Galani fled from the brothers and has filed a second police complaint with Fairfax County over insurance fraud and other abuses.

It’s obvious that anyone willing to go to these lengths to abuse their own relatives, including their dying father for cash, would do anything. That includes selling government secrets to our terrorist enemies or the government of Pakistan. That’s a reality those Democrats employing them aren’t concerned with.

Democrat Congressman, Gregory Meeks of New York, had a typical reality-denying explanation for his continuing to have this riff-raff in his employ. They still had access to his computer systems, as they did with Wasserman Schultz throughout the month of February, despite being aware of the espionage threat and other charges. Meeks said he’d “seen no evidence that they were doing anything that was nefarious” like steal or hack, and were being unfairly picked on for being Muslim.

As long as you’re not one of those evil white straight males,” you can do no wrong in the eyes of the dishonest, anti-American fools of the Democrat Party and any attempt at imposing consequences is based upon bigotry of some sort.


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