House Skin-Color Caucus Joins NFL In Attack on America, Our Flag

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They call it the Congressional Tri-Caucus but the Try-Caucus, dedicated to “trying to get more power, privilege and supremacy for their races and ethnicities,” is a more accurate description; that’s what brought them together for this group whining.

The Congressional Tri-Caucus is composed of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC). Does anyone spot a trend here?

When they focus on advancing and representing specific segments of the American population the “Representatives” must simultaneously exclude or minimize others. They don’t care about those Americans they are leaving out, the citizens of their districts and others that don’t match their color-keyed focus of importance. What matters to them is race promotion and elevation. Supremacy and advancing their communist ideology in the process is their objective in all they do.

On Wednesday they made a statement in support of desecration of our national anthem, our flag, our nation and our values. They attacked the American people and our police.

Standing on the backs of other black Americans who actually did serve their nation, Cedric Richmond (D-LA), the attorney and college baseball player turned Congressman and Soros supported skin-color agitator, lumped himself and others of the proper skin tone in with those who have fought for the nation.

In co-opting and demeaning their service by including himself and other America-hating skin-tone agitators, Richmond said, “African-Americans have fought in every war, from the revolutionary war to  Afghanistan and Iraq. And not only dit [sic] we fight in every war [he fought in none], but many times we [not him] would go and lay our lives on the line for this country, to come and face discrimination, bigotry, racism, injustice and inequality.”

Welcome to the real world, you sniveling cry baby. Everybody deals with inequality of one sort or another in our “free” society, embrace it. Lots of white folks would like to have the Congressional  salary and healthcare that you undeservedly collect as a social engineering communist. We’d like to have a nice big mansion like Maxine Waters has somehow managed to acquire although on her salary it should be beyond her means. We spent a lifetime lining up behind less qualified people for jobs and other opportunities because of the combination of light skin and affirmative action black supremacists. You don’t see us burning flags or taking a knee – it’s life, it’s not fair. Shut up and deal with it.

His comrade in skin-tone legislating, Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said that she felt “tremendous pride” at witnessing the NFL players disrespecting America. Jayapal was born in India and raised in Hussein Obama’s native Indonesia as well as Singapore. She immigrated to the United States at the age of sixteen and became a US Citizen only seventeen years ago, as a 35-year-old adult, in 2000. She views America as the outsider that she is, as a globalist Democrat determined to take the white man down a couple of pegs and elevate those that look and think like her.

She is a prime example of why no naturalized citizens should ever be allowed to serve in Congress. It’s questionable as to whether first generation Americans are raised with a sufficient appreciation and understanding of what it means to be American as well. Clearly she views those who built this country as the enemy. She’s a foreign globalist operative continuing the fundamental transformation goals of Hussein Obama, who seeks to globalize our nation away from the “white devils.”

Jayapal describes the disrespecting of our national anthem in typical perverse liberal terms, saying, “That is the ultimate form of patriotism. To fight for justice, to fight against what they see, what we all see every day as wrong, which is the gunning down of black men by our police. The school to prison pipeline. The fact that a young black man has to walk outside and wonder whether he’s wearing his pants too low or his hoodie too high. Those are things that are unacceptable to every one of us.

Your lies and distortions, in addition to your trashing of our nation are what are truly unacceptable, Indonesia girl. They don’t see the gunning down [murder by implication] of black men every day as you depict it. The school to prison pipeline comes from black men abandoning their children and too many black women jumping into the sack with anyone who can say “yo.”

Their kids grow up in schools which are little more than taxpayer subsidized daycare centers for unruly, undisciplined youths. And as to their attire, it’s not too tough. Belts go around the waist, if their butt-cheeks and underwear are showing then their pants are too low. Respect for others starts with respect for oneself. Dressing like a nasty thug results in similar conduct.

The lifelong agitator John Lewis brought a couple of his shoulder chips to the event, daring  whitey to knock them off for the same reasons he always does, going through the same cheap theatrics in his presentation.

As usual none of them will accept responsibility for the negative impacts of their own behavior and that of their preferred group. The goal is not to correct the behavior but to capitalize on it. They’ll demean those who take appropriate action in response and use every avenue available to them to distort reality into an argument advancing their anti-America agenda.

That’s the progressive, multi-caucus Democrat way.


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  2. The people this caucus represent are all first in line for handouts. They are disgusting, ignorant free loaders. Most of the NFL hulks couldn’t hold down a regular job (maybe just in McDonalds)because they don’t have the brains to make a salary like they receive for being football players. Check out the article Taya Kyle wrote. Her husband was the American Sniper. Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance was against the police. Then she had the nerve to ask for police security at her concerts. Oh, I forgot, her and her drug pushing husband are good friends of the Obamas. Maybe that’s where their daughter got the drugs she was caught with at her college.

  3. Awesome article! By calling everyone else “devils” this seditious group underlines the fact that they know more about satan than they do about God. I want a White Caucus. It’s racist not to have one.

  4. Why did the NFL pay Beyonce to do a tribute to the Black Panthers in Super Bowl 50? Do something besides rant – cut your cable. Resist globalist social engineering.

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