House Bill Forbids EPA Use Of Secret Voodoo “Science” In Crafting Regulations

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On Wednesday the House voted to restrict the EPA from using made up or secret “science” in formulating and “justifying” regulatory actions.  The act, called the Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment Act, or HONEST Act, passed 228-194. Any science used in the crafting of any future regulations would have to come from the public sphere. The EPA’s greatest enemy in the conduct of their takeover and the feeding of the “green monster” is the demand for specifics. Proof is much harder to come by than their previous anecdotal standard.

The Honest Act is an effort to plan for the future, to corral what has been a rogue agency in the past and force them to accepted standards of transparency and legitimacy, two of their other primary nemeses.

The bill must represent significant change because Democrats, and other control freaks disguised as environmentalists and health advocates are complaining that the HONEST Act is intended to handcuff the EPA. Why they would have a problem with the agency using real science instead of back room voodoo fabrications is difficult to explain other than that they know it’s all a hoax and a fraud and has been for decades, that the real goal is a means of controlling the peasant populations of America and the world and of crippling our great nation for conquest.

Their ridiculous claim is that it would irresponsibly render the bureaucratic monster unable to write regulatory protections, that somehow they “might not” be able to release portions of the “data.” The irresponsibility lies with the EPA, in fabricating disastrous regulations based upon made up science, as has been their practice.

Rep Lamar Smith (R-TX), chairman of the Science Committee said Wednesday, “This legislation ensures that sound science is the basis for EPA decisions and regulatory actions.  He added, “The days of ‘trust-me’ science are over. In our modern information age, federal regulations should be based only on data that is available for every American to see and that can be subjected to independent review. That’s called the scientific method.”

Smith noted that the EPA, under the deceptive and criminal Obama administration, was notorious for the use of secret, unverifiable “data” as the basis for their dictates. He said, “We all care about the environment, “but if policies are not based on legitimate science, regulations will result in economic hardship with little or no environmental benefit. In other words, the regulations would be all pain and no gain.”

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), who makes Sheila Jackson Lee look like Einstein, is the Science Committee’s top Democrat. Naturally, she got political with her dissent, claiming that the “misguided” republicans just want to stop sensible EPA regulations. The EPA is no longer in the sensible regulations business so that’s very unlikely. Besides, Bernice, Republicans breathe too. They just don’t want to be suffocated by the EPA.

She claimed, “The secret science bills the Republicans tried to enact over the previous two congresses were insidious bills, designed from the outset to prevent EPA from using the best available science to meet its obligations under the law. Those bills were constructed to hamstring the ability of EPA to do about anything to protect the American public.” She labeled the new bill “a Pandora’s Box, which could have untold consequences for the EPA, industry and the general public,” including restricting the EPA’s ability to gather information.

It seems Johnson has blind faith in the integrity of the EPA, the type of faith that led to the abuse we’ve suffered under for the last couple of decades, intensified under Obama. She added, “In reality, this bill isn’t about science. It’s about undermining public health and the environment.” Everybody knows Republicans hate the earth.

Republicans also passed a bill out of committee requiring the EPA to have geographic diversity and representatives from certain stakeholder groups in their Science Advisory Committee. We can be sure the Democrats will support that bill. They’re so concerned with fairness and diversity, how could they possibly oppose it?


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  1. This would be disadvantaging the entire Democratic party if “Voo Doo” science were taken out of the works for the Democrats! Whatever is wrong with you all? Can you not see that half of the Democratic party are zombies???!!

  2. Dr. Deplorable // March 30, 2017 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    Defund the EPA by 50%!

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