Langone discussed a number of issues during the conversation that included President Trump’s election, the still ongoing special counsel investigation of …

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(WJ) Ken Langone, co-founder of the home improvement retail chain Home Depot, joined Fox News host Neil Cavuto for an in-studio interview on Wednesday, and he had a rather pointed message for former President Barack Obama.

Cavuto and Langone discussed a number of issues during the conversation that included President Donald Trump’s election, the still ongoing special counsel investigation of Robert Mueller and the recent remarks made against Trump by Obama, who has re-emerged on the political scene to help his fellow Democrats ahead of the midterm elections.

Speaking about the current state of the economy, Cavuto mentioned that Obama had tried to claim credit for the good economic news, saying it was because of his policies, not the opposite policies put in place by Trump over the past two years.

With a dismissive wave of the hand, Langone said, “Forget about it. Obama ought to do what every other great president did, go off into the sunset … be the mother of the groom, wear beige and keep your mouth shut.”

In other words, keep quiet and allow Trump to do the job he was elected to do — for good or for bad — as former President George W. Bush did toward his successor, Obama, and as virtually every other president in this nation’s history has done.

Indeed, it has long been a tradition for former presidents to refrain from attacking or openly criticizing their successors, and for all of the talk about how Trump is breaking all of the “norms” of the prestigious executive office, few have mentioned the “norms” that have been violated by Obama.

“What I’m saying is that, like it or not, Trump’s base is rock-solid,” Langone said. “Donald Trump needs 15 percent of the voters to get re-elected in 2020. That 35 percent and everybody knows it is rock-solid. “I would hope he would do things different than he does, but damn it, give the guy credit.”

He went on to mention the extraordinary progress that has been seen thus far via improved relations with North Korea, which didn’t display any missiles during a recent military parade, released Americans held hostage and returned the remains of U.S. soldiers killed during the Korean War.

Langone proceeded to suggest that it really didn’t matter if the media treated Trump fairly because Trump most likely didn’t care what the media had to say about him, as he knew what was true and what wasn’t.

“We live in the greatest country on Earth. And the American people spoke loud and clear,” he said. “The establishment is shocked that Donald Trump won. But he won. He won fair and square.

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