Hollande Gives France’s Highest Honor To Schwarzenegger – Climate Hoax Advocacy With Distinction

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Leftists love to give out medals almost as much as they love giving away other people’s money. Medals don’t need approval usually, so they’re easier to come by and can be structured so as to imply some sort of achievement or good works on the part of the recipient. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for medals to be awarded, such as for valor in battle. Other times they are handed out a political tokens. That was the case of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an award for nothing in particular which was handed out a record 123 times by Hussein Obama, or in this case, with Schwarzenegger.

Why would the socialist President of France, in his last few days before being ushered out to the curb, see a need to bestow his nation’s Medal of Honour [sic] on a long-ago replaced RINO California ex-governor. Even in California the green libtards were at odds as to the legitimacy of his claims to being an environmental governor, and beyond that, what relevance could the Delta Smelt or spawning salmon possibly have to the French to qualify, making it fitting that they bestow their highest honor?

Maybe it was payback for Schwarzenegger giving a speech to provide the appearance of legitimacy to the climate scam during the UN Paris COP 21 in which the UN agreement was signed. Or perhaps it’s his partnership with UN agencies in promoting Agenda 2030 and the Climate Hoax agreement, with his fellow exploiter Leonardo DiCaprio. Schwarzenegger’s “R20 Regions of Climate Action,” founded in 2010, spends other people’s money and creates “investment opportunities,” both important in promoting the globalist agenda. They’ve already got their hooks into more than 560 “subnational and local governments” around the globe, and with this medal around his neck, the skies the limit.

Hollande was clearly running out of time if a medal was a promise he was going to keep. In speaking to those in the audience, Schwarzenegger shrugs his shoulders as he says he knows “this is the highest award anyone can receive here in France so I feel very honored about that.” It’s as if he also has no clue why it was given to him, but he’s an actor; he knows. He goes on to claim it was because of his environmental work. Close, Arnold, it’s your global government work under the pretext of the environment, try not to lie too much.

He goes on to show just how unqualified he is to even speak on the topic of the environment, saying, “We have seven million people die every year because of pollution. And this is why it is so important that we go and reduce the greenhouse gases and reduce the pollution.” Which is it Schwarzenegger, the greenhouse gases or the pollution? Pollution is bad but CO2 is not a pollutant, it’s a life-giving gas. The conflation of the two is a common claim by the uninformed and the corrupt profiteers. Which are you, Arnold? Sure, you can be both, if it applies.

He says, “We can do it because it’s man-made. We have created the mess and now we have to clean up the mess.” We’ve already cleaned up our mess, Arnold. You were around when the air was poisonous in LA. Who are you trying to kid, and why? If France, China and India want to address the problems they are creating, that’s fine and good. They don’t need to be subsidized by the US taxpayers, with our money handed over to anyone who can come up with a pretext for us to do so. That’s what is mandated in the bogus climate agreement you, Hollande and Obama jammed through in 2015 and we’re telling you “No.”

It might be worth asking if Schwarzenegger “pulled a DiCaprio” and flew by private jet from Los Angeles to receive his green award. There was also no mention by Hollande for the cameras of the supposed list of accomplishments that qualified the recipient. Maybe they don’t talk about such things when they risk the possibility of embarrassing follow-up questions.

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