Holder – Comey “Had A Feeling” Clinton Would Get Off, OK To Exonerate Early

Cartel gun smuggler Eric Holder, the only Attorney General in American history to ever be held in contempt, joins comrade Jake Tapper to help Comey and Clinton with their next legal…

eric holder

The subdued Jake Tapper interviews former Attorney General and civil unrest agitator Eric Holder with an almost boot-licking reverence, were Holder man enough to wear boots. Maybe shower shoes licking is more fitting. Cartel gun smuggler Holder, the only Attorney General in American history to ever be held in contempt is also held in high esteem by his anti-American Democrat peers.

As they sit together in the darkened room, Tapper incorrectly phrases his question, stating that James Comey “ultimately cleared” Hillary Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing.

He did no such thing and he couldn’t. He was a supposed prosecutor, not a judge. His bizarre news conference included a laundry list of crimes that he was willing to state on the record she was likely guilty of, but for which he had been instructed or decided not to prosecute her.  Her stack of evidence is still waiting for AG Sessions to start acting like an Attorney General and move forward with it.

Tapper asks about President Trump tweeting, based on the fact that Comey began his exoneration letter two months before she was interviewed as well as prior to two dozen other key witnesses, stating that the fix was in, that Comey never intended to prosecute and it was all a charade.

The pretend attorney general from the administration of the pretend “American ‘president,'” assumes the exact position we would expect him to, that of an apologist and cover man for Comey and his faux investigation/cover up.

As if he understood the meaning of the term, Holder describes Comey as an “honest guy,” stating his insulating Clinton from justice was “based on the facts, based on his interpretation of the law and there was nothing more than that.” Didn’t you mean his misinterpretation of the law, Holder?

Holder defends Comey working on his exoneration speech two months ahead of time, saying, “You can make determinations about where an investigation is likely to go before you actually speak to the subject of that investigation.”

Having a feeling about how it’s going to end up is one thing. Acting based upon a prejudging of the case is another and is indicatied, particularly in light of the overwhelming evidence against Clinton and her comrades, by Comey’s determination, usurpation of authority that belongs to the AG, and inclusion of an intent component that doesn’t exist.

Comey rewrote the law in order to have a foundation for his distorted conclusions. That’s much more than a acting on a hunch of where it’s going and trying to get a jump on the outcome by writing the exoneration statement early. That’s evidence of obstruction of justice and collusion.

Holder says, “That inquiry had been underway for an extended period of time.” It took a while because it was being obstructed every step of the way by the administration, FBI and DOJ as well as Clinton’s continued evolving series of lies and discoveries of even more criminal evidence, such as the destroyed emails, devices and the bathroom bootleg server.

Holder knows that a case builds as it progresses and the primary witnesses of value and importance are interviewed last. That’s why Clinton, Mills, Abedin and others hadn’t been interviewed and why it’s ludicrous to state that it was normal for Comey to have decided early, particularly in this complicated web of obvious corruption, that there was no case.

Holder is every bit as dirty as the rest of them. He shares responsibility for orchestrating the current civil unrest with Hussein Obama and George Soros as well as media trash like Tapper. He says, “You can get pretty close to the end of an investigation and understand where you’re going to go with it.”

That’s particularly true when you’ve been given orders and a mission to kill it, to make sure that the “evil queen” isn’t prosecuted.

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  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // October 20, 2017 at 10:15 am // Reply

    I thought I was first with the RodentSlime.

  2. If we had an aggressive and willing DoJ they would take Russia, uranium, the bathroom server, Soros, Clinton Foundation, and follow the treason and money and I am positive there is at a minimum a RICO treasure there.

  3. Holder is a rat! He should be indicted for treason along with his bud obummer and all of the women who ride brooms and cackle. Hellary, Lois, Loretta and so many more. Also who watches Jake the snake?

  4. anyone ever look into the EYES OF THESE CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS?
    i have, and that Rod Rosenstein not only LOOKS LIKE A RAT, HE IS S RAT, just like all the REST OF THESE SCUMBAGS.

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