Holder Claims Never Asked To Drop Charges – Like With Sharpton, Lerner, Just Never Opened Them

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Racist and former criminal Attorney General, Eric Holder, attempted to ascribe some sort of moral superiority to the corrupt Obama regime in which he held a high profile position in the aftermath of the presidential pardon granted to Sheriff Joe Arpaio by President Trump.

The anti-American, anti-white, drug cartel gun-runner Holder sent out a Tweet on Sunday that read, “Number of times over six years that ‘president’ Obama called and asked me to think about dropping a case: ZERO.”

Holder attempts to construct a false equivalence between his situation as a corrupt AG in a corrupt communist Islamic regime and our honest President Trump who has an honest, although tentative, Attorney General in Jeff Sessions. There’s really no comparison.

First, it was rare for Holder to prosecute anything that wasn’t underpinned by his anti-white, anti-American hatred and desire to diminish us in our own country. His focus was always the transfer of wealth, power and position to preferred groups, such as black Americans, Hispanics whether they’re Americans or not, and Muslims, even if they weren’t physically in the country, of any race and national origin.

Obama would never have asked Holder to not prosecute a case because they shared the same hatreds and the same communist and Islamic-friendly globalist goals. Conversely, there were countless times, such as with the IRS or Fast and Furious, their buddy Al Sharpton or goon army of intimidators, the New Black Panthers, where Americans on the right were screaming out for justice and the complicit Obama regime simply ignored them. Even holding hearings was beyond what the corrupt Obama and Holder were willing to do.

However, give them a chance to jump on whitey or “those racist cops,” as they did in Ferguson, New York and at every opportunity they expanded upon thereafter, and they would devote immense levels of manpower to look for the slimest evidence to provide a basis for the “America is Racist” and “Whites and Cops target blacks” privilege narratives.

Holder’s useful idiots will believe his latest excretion, that they never did on a much larger scale and for a much more nefarious reason what they are so up in arms with President Trump about this time around. Trump pardoned one law man who was being railroaded. Obama pardoned and commuted the sentences of violent and non-violent offenders, illegals and citizens alike, through his blanket pardons and his policies of non-enforcement of our laws, including immigration laws.

There is no moral equivalence. Trump’s administration is moral. The Obama and Holder regime was and remains filthy dirty, rotten to the core, a heaping pile of the foulest stinking garbage any landfill could ever have held. Tweet away, Holder. You can’t change reality.


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