History Indicates Comey Just As Honest As Hillary Clinton Or Loretta Lynch

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The background of James Comey, a corrupt politician appointed by another corrupt politician, Hussein Obama to work for two other corrupt politicians, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, was, like Obama’s never fully revealed to the public during the times that he was going through the confirmation process. Some of us might have expected the vetting procedure would have exposed his criminal background and ties to organized crime, disqualifying him from consideration. Apparently in Obamaworld, his criminality is what made him a “must have” for the position of FBI Director.

It seems quite obvious in retrospect that Obama needed a dirty FBI Director to cover for the mess he and Hillary Clinton had made in Benghazi. The timetable fits a deliberate attempt to not be obvious in what they were doing, but the events are awfully conveniently spaced out, if they were, in fact, coincidental.

Benghazi happened in September of 2012, five months later she resigns, seven month after that James Comey becomes FBI Director, and her campaign for president gradually ramped up from there the following year. Whether every American in Libya at those facilities was supposed to die on September 11th or none were, the fact is that they needed some protection and Comey was a known entity who could be counted on to do their bidding.

Some of the truths about Comey have come out over the time he was in office, with Breitbart revealing the network of duplicity between him, HSBC, Loretta Lynch, law firm DLA Piper, his brother Peter, the Clinton Foundation and Comey’s longtime employer when he’s not abusing the public trust, Lockheed Martin.

Dave Hodges expands a bit on the information Breitbart provided, including the HSBC and drug cartel connections to Comey, but fails to also note that his boss, Loretta Lynch, who was intimately involved in setting the criminal Hillary Clinton free, was also involved with HSBC, and had performed the same favor for their bank executives in 2012. Nobody went to jail from HSBC although they operated front shell companies that were vacant inside as a ruse for their $200 trillion money laundering scheme. Lynch fined them only $1.9 billion, which was paid by their “generous” shareholders.

There’s some detailed information that will likely surprise a lot of folks as to just who Obama had in office as the top cop, the vilest of swamp creatures that deserved absolutely no courtesy and whom he was wise to fire while he was out of town and unable to access FBI records. He’s a crook, like everybody else involved in the previous, illegitimate regime. They all need to be prosecuted.

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  1. Deplorable Doctor // May 15, 2017 at 9:47 pm // Reply

    Bring Comey, Lynch, Clapper, Lerner, O’Vomit, and Holder before Grand Juries!

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