Herridge – Johnson Has No Clue How DHS IP Linked To Georgia State Hack

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Homeland “Security” is a rogue outlaw agency engaged in the non-stop daily flouting of our laws, most visibly but not restricted to our immigration laws. Against that backdrop of experience, particularly since Jihadi Jeh Johnson has taken over as director, we’re being told to abandon all reason and to simply take them at their word. They weren’t really caught hacking into the Georgia election system computers, forget that it was traced to their IP address. Just dismiss the evidence out of hand based upon their word. It was a “false positive.”

It’s almost surprising that Johnson didn’t tell us Putin had sneaked into a cubicle at DHS and hacked his way in. Maybe Fox is just reporting some more of that “fake news.” Has Catherine Herridge gone over to the dark side of anti-globalist fake news? She reports that, while the federal government is still working to get the election systems designated as critical infrastructure, we’re being assured that it won’t involve the feds compromising our systems. They just want to protect the decentralized system from hacking by adding a centralized component – them. We’ve visited that slippery slope with the feds and their water hoses before.

It may not be the best time for them to be asking for more authority given the response to being caught with their hands in the cookie jar, hacking the Georgia system. “Duh, uh, beats me, guess it was nothing, not me” is not the kind of response that inspires confidence. The letter sent by Georgia Secretary of State Kemp can be seen here. Herridge describes it as a mysterious hacking attempt. If we’re counting on Jeh Johnson to provide an explanation of how or what happened, it’s going to remain a mystery forever. Appearances aside, he’s no Scooby Doo.

In her report Herridge reminds us of the offer made by Jeh Johnson to send the feds to come in and make sure that nobody, like “the evil Russians” hacked our computer systems in the lead up to the election. Although they now claim that there was no evidence that any hacking occurred, the establishment, including RINOs McCain and Graham, is still blaming the Russians for what didn’t happen.

Herridge notes that “Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp was among a small group who declined the ‘help.'” Kemp says that he was fairly heavily criticized at the time over his decision, but that there was no reason to accept it. What DHS was offering was off-the-shelf retail products that some states needed but that they did not, already having incorporated their own solutions.

The attempted breach of the Georgia Secretary of State’s network originated with a computer that had a Homeland “Security” IP address. Kemp says “It could be a bad actor in the administration, it could be something else. I’m keeping an open mind to that but I’m very confident that the IP address was a Department of Homeland “Security” address.

Herridge closes out her report saying, “And late today a Homeland “Security” official said, “Investigators have concluded the department did not scan the Georgia Secretary of State’s network in November and a leading theory is that the incident may have been a false positive.” Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving. Of course that was one of Jihadi Jeh Johnson’s trusted boys who conducted that investigation, if one actually ever occurred. Why not let the offended party, the State of Georgia send someone to conduct their own investigation or perhaps, invite one of their experts to observe?

There simply wasn’t time. The denial had to go out late on Friday so that the story would die over the weekend. They were never going to admit to the truth anyway. It’s all theater.

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10 Comments on Herridge – Johnson Has No Clue How DHS IP Linked To Georgia State Hack

  1. Ah, yes, the favorite excuse of liberals everywhere…”the Sgt. Schultz defense”… “I know nothing, nothing!” And even if I did, I’ll take the 5th.)

  2. John Pastore // December 12, 2016 at 1:32 am // Reply

    Actually both Johnson and Kemp have reason to suppress the greatest intrusion by a foreign power in our elections, the long invading Mexican Government (which plays both sides of the political fence); since, at minimum, “2004,” unConstitutionally having, using and even managing US Voter Registration Forms: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Agent+Charlotte+Carral+Registering+Voters+For+US+Elections.gif

  3. Rebecca Snider // December 11, 2016 at 8:02 pm // Reply

    FAKE NEWS is a SMOKE SCREEN ! Pre Programming YOU to doubt all news. Don’t be fooled by the HRC passive aggressive way to get HER OWN WAY !!!

  4. I agree, 100%, Karen! Both journalist/commentators have been doing a great job “hoisting liberals on their own petards.”

  5. We need more investigating reporters like Catherine Herridge. And news hosts like Tucker Carlson. I hope they both have long and prosperous lives and careers.

  6. Catherine Herridge, I personally thank you for being above all of the politicization that is and has run rampant in the LAME STREAM MEDIA over the past several three or more years and stayed the course to be a REAL Investigative JOURNALIST—–Much Kudos to You and I wish that I knew you on a more personal level !

  7. As has been more than obvious for some time now, the DOJ under the current administration can not and should not be trusted to advance the “Rule Of Law” for one and all throughout America !
    People like Lurid Loretta Lynch and her deputy should BE FORCED TO RESIGN IN DISGRACE ! NO MORE PAY TO PLAY POLITICIANS !
    There is smoke on the horizon, want to fan the flames; then you all will not like the heat that results and ensues !

  8. Katherin Herrige is only one of the very few investigative journalists that can be trusted !

  9. Well Jihadi Jeh, we don’t believe your diatribe—-Now go and find a job if you can with what you are loyal to, the Clinton foundation after TRUMP dumps you to the curb; which should have happened years ago !
    Worthless POS !

  10. The security consultants who handle this stuff for Georgia are fully aware of the truth, as is SOS Kemp. This story is alive and well and will be developed further unless the reporting websites are shut down.

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