Herridge – The Events, Discussions And Failures That Led To Comey Being Fired

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Catherine Herridge provides the details on some of the behind the scenes activities and calculations surrounding the Comey firing as well as what to expect next. She says, “A half dozen FBI agents told Fox News that “the bureau was blindsided by the decision, including the FBI Director, who was traveling in Los Angeles.”

They told her “Comey had become a deeply polarizing figure within the bureau, and his recent testimony before the Senate did not help his case.” The report states that the unmasking scandal was part of the calculus that led to his firing, “as well as his slow-walking of records requested by Congress about American swept up in foreign intelligence reports and later identified.”

The report also indicates Comey’s arrogance and refusal to acknowledge any mistakes made in the Clinton email case as well as his public statements, “where critics say he took on the role of prosecutor, insisting investigators must find intent, which is not in the criminal statute.” Herridge points out in her report that “Comey told Senators he would do it all over again, including the decision to reopen the Clinton email case eleven days before the election.”

The new Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, recommended, along with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that Comey be terminated. He objected to and noted in his letter that the FBI never conceals investigations; instead it does not publicly discuss them.

Herridge points out once again a perception of a double standard existed in the FBI, with different rules for Comey and the higher ups. She notes that a report due out on an investigation by the Justice Department Inspector General into the Clinton email probe “was expected to be deeply negative for Comey and his old boss Loretta Lynch. “

She says the supporters of Comey fault Lynch as “boxing him in last year, after her meeting with Bill Clinton just one week before Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview.

Andrew McCabe will be the acting FBI Director in the interim period, with a replacement expected to be named rather quickly. She says the replacement will be a law enforcement professional, not a politician. She says she’s hearing the name of John Pistole, a 27-year FBI veteran and former Deputy Director.  He’s said “to have a strong personal relationship with the Vice-President,” says Herridge, noting that he hasn’t been returning phone calls.  

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