“Hero” Mandalay Security Officer Not State Licensed As Jesus Campos

mandalay bay campos

The State of Nevada requires all security guards to be registered with and licensed by the state, under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board. They must meet eligibility requirements such as no felony, moral turpitude convictions or record of illegal possession or use of dangerous weapons.

They also must meet character and citizenship/ residency requirements. Those all seem like reasonable requirements as the basis for the state granting permits to work in that type of field.

Curiously, the security officer at Mandalay Bay who we have been told stumbled upon Paddock as he was about to begin his murderous rampage and was shot as a result, Jesus Campos, isn’t registered. Unless it’s under a different name, he has not been granted permission to work in that field in the State of Nevada.

The state provides employers, prospective employers and others a way of verifying whether or not an individual is properly registered here. A search by first and last name for Jesus Campos comes back as “no results were returned. Please retry.”

A search only under the last name Campos returns three records of one individual, a Daniel Campos who it shows as a resident of Florida.

Interestingly, the section labeled “List of Active Licensees” is not active, with a message stating, “This portion of the website is currently under construction. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Perhaps they’re overloaded now that word has leaked out of the questions regarding Campos being employed by the Mandalay Bay in that capacity. Suspended and terminated licenses show up in the record as well, as the Daniel Campos record proves. He had a status of Abeyance, revoked and active in his three records.

A search under the generic *security* search term as recommended on the site returned only the Daniel Campos active record. No other Campos is listed, indicating that, barring some type of clerical error, Jesus Campos is not a licensed security officer and he should not have been acting in that capacity for the Mandalay Bay.

Was Campos on that floor because he was somehow involved with Paddock? Was he planted there by a government agency in some kind of covert operation? If so why in an unarmed capacity? Is he a terrorist who survived the massacre? Are his fingerprints on any of the weapons?

The more we learn, the more puzzling this horrific incident becomes. We need some answers.


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4 Comments on “Hero” Mandalay Security Officer Not State Licensed As Jesus Campos

  1. They have given us one lie after another. It seems almost impossible to root out the corruption and deception we are constantly being treated to. It has been going on for decades and runs from top to bottom.

  2. He’s probably an illegal alien; therefore, he could not be registered with the state. Mandalay Bay appears to be a very “loosely-” run establishment, with questionable executives and leadership.

  3. maybe the FBI has removed his name?
    hell, with this case NOTHING SURPRISES ME.
    how about Y’all.

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