Hawaii So-Called Judge Extends Travel Ban Ruling – Respond Forcefully, Be Trump

trump hawaii

trump hawaii

The Founding Fathers were some very smart guys. They thought of almost everything, but not quite everything. They failed to outlaw central banks and they failed to envision and make allowances for a time when a runaway, out of control judiciary was joined by a privately-owned Congress of financially compromised puppets doing the bidding of those who seek and are well on their way to seizing control of our nation. Then again, they did give us the Second Amendment. Perhaps we’re getting close to the time and that most specific need it was intended to fill.


Terrorist Importation Ban Kept Imam’s Mother From Visiting – Can’t Have That

The United States is being dictated to by individuals that the people did not elect, in violation of our Constitution, through technicalities and the associated lack of will on the part of Congress. So-called Judge Derrick Watson should be impeached, arrested immediately and his declarations in service to the Marxists under Hussein Obama vacated as what they are, the illegitimate acts of a power-crazed subversive against the nation. Instead, President Trump, Congress and the rest of the largely compromised judiciary follow like passive sheep, arguing within the system as it continues to be violated by the deep state Obama Soros organization.

We understand President Trump doesn’t want to walk into an impeachment trap, but he doesn’t have to. There are ways to do what is right and necessary without giving his power over to either the anti-American judiciary or legislators. One obvious solution is to remove the judges from power, permanently, as they clearly have demonstrated through their actions that they are not willing to subjugate their personal believes to the rule of law.


That’s a lack of objectivity and judicial integrity that makes them unqualified for the position. Work it out however you have to, Mr. Sessions, President Trump or any of your “brilliant” staff of highly paid lawyers, but get it done. You also need to pursue criminal charges against Hussein Obama, Clinton, Jeh Johnson,  John Kerry, and the misfits, the criminal elite who have hijacked our nation.  Don’t deceive yourselves into thinking we’ve forgotten.

Remember the swamp around your ankles boys and the alligators snapping at your backside; it won’t drain itself. You’re standing in the corner and on the ropes covering up waiting for the libtards to punch themselves out. Rope-a-dope won’t work against these hordes of adversaries, they tag team and they never get tired. You have to knock them out.

On Wednesday Hussein Obama’s operative and personal friend, So-Called Judge Derrick Watson, issued a 24-page order extending his temporary order blocking the ban on terrorist importation into the United States. We’re not ruled from England any longer; now our dictates come from a small Pacific Island and the state that has been one of us for the least amount of time. It’s clear some of their citizens haven’t adopted American values and have no clue about defense of our nation or respect for our institutions or the citizens of the other 49. Those are  the folks Obama selected to put in charge, for obvious reasons.


In extending his ban, which was always seen as a foregone conclusion, Watson cited harm to the state’s universities and tourism industry, as well as a terrorist sympathizing Honolulu Imam’s mother’s travel plans. The hell with him, the hell with her and with their libtard mill indoctrination universities. And if they keep up the attacks, the hell with Hawaii or vacationing there altogether. Let their beloved Muslim tourists and students support their industry if they think they can.

Our priorities as a nation supersede those of educating foreigners. One terror attack in Hawaii will rob them of their postcard idyllic, peaceful, image and cripple their tourist industry, at least short term. But So-Called Judge Watson is politically motivated, his ruling is about sticking it to President Trump and us redneck mainland haoles. He said so in his laughable ruling, citing campaign rhetoric rather than law as the basis for his decision.

The next Pearl Harbor may not be a North Korean missile, it may be a terrorist attack and it could easily happen in “diverse” Honolulu. This so-called judge has family and friends that he must believe are protected by the Pacific and to Hell with the rest of America.

Poetic justice would have his nose rubbed in that belief. Maybe he and Obama have a deal worked out with their terrorist allies where Hawaii is spared from attacks. Loretta Fuddy thought she had a deal too.


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6 Comments on Hawaii So-Called Judge Extends Travel Ban Ruling – Respond Forcefully, Be Trump

  1. Send all the refugees to Hawaii including those now residing in the “Lower 48”. That will change his tune in a hurry. Sorry for the rest of you people living there.

  2. Remember the muslims Australia wouldn’t let into the country and Obama made a deal to take them into the US? Go ahead and let them in and send them to Hawaii and see how long it takes for this so called judge to change his mind.

  3. Our tourist dollars will no longer be spent in Hawaii-EVER

  4. You know, there are not that many Muslims in Hawaii! I am sure the resettlement program could send another 2500 Muslims to Hawaii with no problem. Let the rapes and gang related crimes begin for this judge’s home land and let him see first hand what Obama’s idea about bringing his Muslim brotherhood to Hawaii is like. All he has to do is prepare for his state to become financially crippled and his crime rates to double. Load up Hawaii with “resettlement Muslim refugees” and let’s see how long it takes for this POS to realize what Trump is trying to freaking do FOR AMERICA!!

  5. Hadenoughalready // March 31, 2017 at 8:16 am // Reply

    Time to hold errant judges and administrators complicit in the crimes committed by those whom they harbor. No one is above the law!

  6. Trump is now “swamped” by globalists in his administration, all giving him bad advice. The former, campaigning Trump is no more.

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