Hatred Of White People Drove “Peaceful” Muhammad To Murder Four

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A suspect in the murder of a Fresno security guard last week has struck again, this time shooting four in Fresno and killing three of them. The man is a racist black supremacist and, not surprisingly, his name is Kori Ali Muhammad. According to the LA times, the 39-year-old black supremacist hates white people.

The Fresno Police Dept reported that Muhammad, as he was being taken to the ground following his murder spree and surrender, uttered the words “Allahu Akbar.” That’s a declaration of his motive and who he is – an Islamic jihadi white-hating black supremacist.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said all of the victims were white men and noted that Muhammad is black. Dyer said it’s “Too early to say whether or not this involves terrorism, certainly by the statement that was made, it could give that indication, however, there was no statement made on Thursday night when he shot the security guard and killed him. There was no comments or no statements made at that time, so I am not certain why he said what he said today.”

So, Chief, if he had said Allahu Akbar on both incidents he’d be a terrorist but because he only said it in the case of the triple murder it’s tough for you to figure out? Did you not catch his name? Dyer’s been chasing the guy for a week, so he knows all about him. He’s apparently a black supremacist in addition to being a jihadi, but there’s no doubt this was Islamic terrorism.

Muhammad’s father, Vincent Taylor, told the LA Times on Monday, prior to the latest murder spree, that his son believed he was part of an ongoing war between blacks and whites, and that “a battle was about to take place.” Good job Obama, Soros, Holder, Lynch and Sharpton.

Taylor said, “I’m happy he was arrested. I would hope that whatever Kori tells [police,] they take him seriously and they start following up.”

Muhammad was already wanted in connection with the shooting death of a security guard outside a Fresno motel on Thursday. Gunfire broke out at 10:45 am in the 300 block of North Van Ness Avenue. Seconds later there was a second burst of gunfire, followed by a third and a fourth. All total 16 rounds were fired in four separate locations.

The initial shots were fired at a PG&E truck which soon pulled up at police headquarters and reported the shooting and the injured passenger. The driver told them the unknown assailant had approached their vehicle, unprovoked and opened fire.

Muhammad then walked west on East Mildreda Ave where he shot at a resident and missed. He continued on, fatally shooting another man as he neared Fulton Street. He then reloaded his .357 revolver.

Catholic Charities was his next stop, on North Fulton St, where he killed a man in the parking lot. He was then spotted by an officer running south on Fulton, who pursued him, diving to the ground and apprehending the shooter. Chief Dyer noted “As he was taken into custody, he yelled out, ‘Allahu Akbar,’”

His father said he was “Not surprised at all.” Muhammad’s Facebook profile celebrated black pride and black nationalism, with the familiar red green and black flag and a raised fist. That revolutionary stuff is fine at Facebook, it’s American patriots who are censored. He used militant and apocalyptic language, the LA Times reports, in his profile. He referenced the “white devils,” praised melanoma skin cancer and demanded that black people be let go. In case he hadn’t noticed, nobody had him, that’s how he was able to murder innocent people because of their skin color.

He posted a photo of himself on Saturday afternoon with the words, “LET BLACK PEOPLE GO OR THE DOOM INCREASES REPARATIONS & SEPARATION NOW.” Muhammad, for one, will never be let go. He’ll be a drain on the State of California for the rest of his days.

He followed up his Saturday post with a Monday threat, “MY KILL RATE INCRESASES TREMENDOUSLY ON THE OTHER SIDE ASÈ ALLAH U AKBAR”

Does that count as a second time, Chief Dyer, or is the magic number three Allahu Akbars to make a terrorist?


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