Hate-Monger Maxine Waters Warns President Trump – “I’m Coming For You”

maxine waters

If it weren’t for tired cliché’s Maxine Waters would be forced to campaign by standing in front of her audience and allowing them to simply admire her beauty and her shiny orange hair, not necessarily a winning strategy. But with cliché’s she can remember her lines and her feeble minded attendees can follow along and whip themselves up into a frenzy.

Waters tells the assembled geniuses, “I’ve decided to take the gloves off, to put my career on the line.” Please don’t take anything else off, Maxine, your “hair” especially, we don’t want to know what’s under that James Brown special.

She makes the announcement that would terrify any man, saying, “Donald Trump, I’m coming for you.” That desperate freak’s not going to try to grab him, is she?

She makes the statement to the oohs and ahhs of the small gathering, “This man does not deserve to be President of the United States of America.” Actually, Waters, you’re very wrong about that. This man won the election and therefore he is the only man or woman in this nation who deserves to hold that office. Your opinion on the matter is just the ravings of a mentally unstable old racist and of no importance.

The communist exposes her knowledge that her side is the anti-American side by offering the notion that they are patriots as some sort of off the wall sick humor. The bizarre nonsense wouldn’t have been offered if she didn’t know how ridiculous of a statement it was and she would be putting the emphasis on the word “we” when she made the ridiculous statement.

“We’re the patriots, we’re the ones who are going to save America.” The morons likely wouldn’t be able to define a patriot and certainly nobody at this event, unless they’re there in opposition, meets that definition. And if she and her riff-raff are patriots, they would need to be saving America from people like them. How would they propose doing that?

Oh, it’s not through doing anything positive, but simply through eliminating the President that they would “patriotically” save the nation. Impeach Trump or the cutesy “Impeach 45” are the answers for everything for Maxine and her comrades.

She had another cliché to delight and amazer her goonery, letting them all know that not only has she gotten out of her cage, she’s stepping outside of the box. She says they’re going back to the streets, the churches and the union halls. Sounds like some rabble rousing is on the way for the July 4th holiday perhaps and the August recess for certain.

She registering people to vote, hopefully citizens only, and empowering them to, in the final analysis accumulate the influence they need to force the President from office. If they do their job, they can get him impeached.

One might want to ask this subversive how doing her job has any bearing on whether the President is impeached for Constitutional grounds, high crimes and misdemeanors. Is she planning to frame him, plant the Seth Rich murder weapon in Trump Tower?

She’s a maniac, a subversive, anti-American thug who doesn’t like the result of the election and is willingly allow herself to be used by George Soros or other America-haters to stir up dissent. She’s a ghastly mutt in desperate need of a muzzle. It really is unfortunate that the Democrats are wasting so much of their time and energy on the Trump witch hunt when one is so readily accessible within their own ranks.

The video from Grindall61, was in part taken in Gardena, CA, last Saturday. The location changes, her hateful rhetoric never does.

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5 Comments on Hate-Monger Maxine Waters Warns President Trump – “I’m Coming For You”

  1. Not so fast Maxine, you may not have heard, zoos may be bidding on you.

  2. I can’t imagine being on the receiving end of her rants. She’s genuinely sick, unpredictable. The President better stay in his office when she’s in town.

  3. Oh, damnnnnnnnn! Poor President Trump! Could you imagine seeing this individual come running at you hollering, ” C’MON DONNY, I know you want this sh**. All yours, baby!” lmbo! She wants to git her some of Donny! Run, Donal, run! See Donald run! See “dawg” run!

  4. Thomas Oakley // June 30, 2017 at 9:10 pm // Reply

    What I wish would happen: Any hackers out there that have hacked into things like waters computer should post what they have found. Bet all kinds of crooked items will show up and when they do maybe she (?) should be investigated, not by the house but by a new, honest doj and fbi. And why stop with her(?) when their are all kinds of crooks out there acting like politicians (sad to say both sides) that have all kinds of dirt on them. Lets go after them also. Then maybe we can really clean up the swamp, at least for the time being.

  5. TONYA PARNELL // June 30, 2017 at 4:21 pm // Reply


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