Harris Badgering Witnesses Again – This Time She’s Muzzled By Intel Chairman

kamala harris


Freshman Senator and Democrat hatchet hag Kamala Harris (D-CA) seems to have been watching too many Maxine Waters videos and be tailoring herself to be the Senate equivalent of her California comrade, a less clownish, more calculating, more belligerent, progressive, counterpart.

Harris obviously places a high value on rudeness, badgering and intimidation and has no place in the conduct of her interrogations for civility or genuine courtesy. It got to a point on Wednesday that intervention on behalf of the witnesses was required multiple times, including finally, by the Chairman  of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who stepped in to provide relief to Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein. He forcibly placing a muzzle on the California cur and gave the witness an opportunity to answer the question.

It was a display that was reminiscent of her antics of the previous day in which DHS Secretary John Kelly had appealed for a chance to answer the question and been denied by the authoritarian Senator Harris. On Wednesday, Admiral Michael Rogers, the Commander of US Cyber Command and NSA Director responded to her badgering by addressing it directly, saying, “You can keep trying to trip me up…Senator, if I could, could I get to respond please ma’am?” “No sir, no, no” was her response, with more badgering to which an irritated Rogers merely replied, “I stand by my previous comments.”

Harris, who puts on the appearance of one who is very time conscious, goes into a lengthy question building a foundation for her attempt to have Rosenstein recuse himself and all others from any oversight and to make Mueller an attack entity unto himself without supervision or control.  As Rosenstein attempts to tell her that the answer will take more time than what is allotted and offers to take the time to do so, she tells him she wants a yes or a no.

He replies it’s not a short answer to which she insists that it is. RINO McCain speaks up first, saying, “Mr. Chairman they should be allowed to answer the question. As Rosenstein pins Harris’ assurance to the integrity of the individuals involved, one of whom she wants to make omnipotent, she interrupts, stating that she wants it in writing. As she continues to harangue Rosenstein, Chairman Richard Burr steps in, telling Harris to suspend. That’s Senate speak for “shut the hell up.” Once she’s begrudgingly silenced Rosenstein is allowed to answer.

It’s worth noting how determined Harris is in her attempt to get full autonomy for Mueller, to the point of appearing suspicious. Why does she want it, what special arrangement with Mueller, who worked for both globalists George W. Bush and Hussein Obama, might there be that we don’t know about? He’s the guy Rep Jim Jordan of Ohio questioned during the IRS scandal who couldn’t or most likely simply wouldn’t answer a single question as to why the investigation hadn’t proceeded. He’s the FBI Director who knuckled under to CAIR right after the attacks on 9/11 and removed all references to Islam from FBI training materials. Could there be a reason he’s in the position that has more to do with a planned attack against President Trump than learning anything about a phony Russian story? Of course there is, nobody believes that fairy tale. All of this is about getting rid of President Trump.

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5 Comments on Harris Badgering Witnesses Again – This Time She’s Muzzled By Intel Chairman

  1. We need to keep a close watch on Mueller. There are a lot of reasons to trust him. And, a lot of reasons not to trust him…

  2. This one is dangerous, semi intellect, not a pelosi or waters ….and she is really making me wonder about ..why Mueller? Why so dead set on no one being able to fire him? That would mean to me they have him in their pockets.

  3. radman414 // June 8, 2017 at 7:44 am // Reply

    She is an embarrassment to her race, her sex, her party, and to the U. S. Senate. NO courtesy and NO CLASS, just ideological vitriol spews from her lips. She should be ashamed but she’s not! I think that she was trying to get both witnesses to “blow up” at her behavior, just so she could play the misogynist card.

  4. Debra Prisk // June 8, 2017 at 6:31 am // Reply

    She was the Attorney General in California and it took her two trials to finally get a conviction on the Fireman who was on “video beating a woman unconscious” who was feeding the stray cats. So she is trying to make herself look like a great attorney when she isn’t. You’d think you could get a conviction with the first trial when the whole thing is caught on video. But so incompetent, it took a second trial. And remember people we had to choose to vote for her or Loretta Sanchez. Dumb or Dumber. I guess I should have voted for Dumber instead of Dumb Harris

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