What Happens To A Pig In A Parking Lot? Always Someone Ready To Teach You A Lesson

wal-mart parking lot


This is the kind of apparent, flagrant disregard for others that will often bring the keys or other retaliatory devices out of the pocket and into action, in the interest of teaching some anonymous person some manners.

According to the report this person parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot last December. The parking space to the right was partially frozen over, but the space was clearly still usable, with plenty of contact with the road on the left side, if not both left and right.

There was so much available space leftover in the space on the left that even after the shopping carts were lined up next to the vehicle the yellow lines were still a good two – three feet away. It’s not likely anyone parking on the left forced them over to that position unless they are as big of a self-centered jerk as someone obviously determined this driver to be. If that was the case then a different kind of lesson was learned.

Who did this person think they were in taking up two spaces? Were they an entitled leftist who made the decision that nobody could park in the space next to them because they enjoy “libtard privilege?”  Does their liberalmobile deserve the extra protection afforded by taking up two spaces against someone brushing against them as they walk into the store or opening their door into it?  Isn’t that a risk shared more or less equally every time we park; don’t liberals preach equality above all else? Some of us park far away to keep others from parking next to us while still remaining inside the stripes and have never had anyone ring our vehicle with shopping carts.

So someone decided to give this bug-eating leftist a taste of their own medicine. You might ask how it can be determined by looking at this situation that the car belongs to an enviro-thug control freak. Because it does, that’s how – it’s obvious, probably one in their twenties, either a female or a borderline male with female tendencies. Call it baseless conjecture, but it’s baseless conjecture that’s usually spot-on accurate.

It could have been worse, carts can and will be moved. A deep scratch into the paint is a much bigger and longer-lasting reminder of what it means to demonstrate a lack of concern for others and a failure to use good manners. Then again both carts and paint could have been used to deliver the message emphatically.

One thing’s for sure, if the paint remained intact this time around, it won’t last for long. The next motorist angered by their lack of courtesy, particularly one that had to go park far away as the result of this person’s selfishness and then walk past the rude person’s car on their way inside, may well deliver that deep paint reminder. It’s a lesson that will continue to be repeated until the conduct changes.

Leftists are slow learners when it comes to the obvious; this could get expensive.

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