Hannity Urges Trump To Immediately Purge Insurgents, Saboteurs From Federal Govt

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Sean Hannity believes that both the United States and the Trump administration have reached the point where it is vital that the subversives and malcontents within the federal government be eliminated. They need to be purged, sent packing, in what he illustrates as actually being a time-honored tradition.

Hannity notes that Abraham Lincoln engaged in an extensive government purge when he took over, firing almost eighty percent of the government, 78.6%, almost 1,200 out of 1,500 bureaucrats, in anticipation of the same sort of sabotage that is currently being inflicted upon our President and our nation. Hannity says, “It’s time now for President Trump to follow Abraham Lincoln’s example and fire anyone and everyone who is actively working against him in government.”

Hannity reminds us that in 1993 Bill Clinton fired every one of the 93 US attorneys, quoting Daniel Horowitz, “and nobody blinked an eye. Yet, when Bush’s Attorney General fired 8 US attorneys, well into his second term, it became a national scandal.” The implication is that because the action is seen as starting fresh at the beginning of an administration it is more acceptable but seen as retaliatory, political or mean-spirited later. There’s that thing about Democrats can do no wrong in the eyes of the media that could also have been a factor.

Hannity says it is important for President Trump to act now, that the leaks plaguing his administration and the internal sabotage in general have to end. He points to the coinciding timing of the increase in leaks and the changing of executive order 12333 by Hussein Obama greatly expanding the access to sensitive information.

Hannity says, “We’ve been asking for weeks on this program why did ‘president’ Obama wait until the last minute to do this and why didn’t he apply this to himself for eight years?” Another equally important question that isn’t being answered is why doesn’t President Trump change it back or write a new executive order nullifying the Obama actions. It is not law; it should be a simple matter so why is he hesitating? Every leak represents another attack by Obama on the United States and on this President. It’s out of character for him not to respond.

He plays a clip of Rep Duncan Hunter describing in his view that the Trump administration is dealing with “seditious people” who are trying “to take him down from the inside.” Rep Steve King urged President Trump via tweet to “purge Leftists from executive branch before disloyal, illegal and treasonous acts sink us.”

Hannity says it’s important that the President begin to hear this and act now. He goes on to outline the tip of the iceberg of knowledge that we have, largely thanks to WikiLeaks, of what the CIA is capable, technically, of doing, as well as what the corrupt cabal within is willing to do politically and criminally. He points out that many suspect the CIA used one of the tools revealed by WikiLeaks, which provides a cloaking ability, to make a CIA hack look as though it came from Russia.

Hannity concludes by saying, “My message tonight is simple. Every holdover from the Obama administration, they need to go. And a thorough investigation of leakers needs to be conducted. And people who’ve committed felonies, violated the Espionage Act, like in the case of Lt Gen Michael Flynn, they need to be prosecuted. And all of those who aren’t actively working to fix the country need to be shown the door. It’s hurting a lot of people.”

It could hurt a lot more if we blow this chance under President Trump because we were afraid to stand up to the commies and globalists. If they return to power our nation is headed for one of two things, servitude or civil war.


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