Hannity Interview With Donald Trump Jr. – A Non-Hysterical Media Report

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Sean Hannity had Donald Trump Jr. on his program to get the real story out, not the hyperventilated frothing lynch party commentary that is found everywhere in the mainstream media and even some other places on Fox.

He starts out by asking who Rob Goldstone, the Russian who put the ill-fated meeting together, characterizing him as a casual acquaintance. He describes his initial reaction as being he’s heard about all of the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton, this might be something of value, maybe he should hear him out.

He reminds Hannity that “This is pre-Russia fever, this is pre-Russia mania.” It is thirteen months ago before, I think, the rest of the world was talking about that,  trying to build up this narrative about Russia. So I don’t even think my sirens went up or the antennas went up at this time because it wasn’t the issue that it’s been made out to be over the last nine months, ten months, since it really became a thing.”

He continues, “So I think there is an element of context to that. At the time it wasn’t this big news story. What he knew about the Emin individual was that they had the pageant and they were successful Russian real estate developers.

He says he didn’t know the Russian lawyer, “never heard of the person, never got the information until they were in the room. He describes Kushner leaving the meeting early, Manafort getting on the phone and himself sitting there enduring the inane conversation as a courtesy to his acquaintance more than anything else.

That acquaintance described it as inane conversation and apologized to Trump on the way out for wasting his time.

He goes on to answer some hypothetical questions and gives some insight into how he perceived the meeting.

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4 Comments on Hannity Interview With Donald Trump Jr. – A Non-Hysterical Media Report

  1. We can also trust Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Kellyanne Conway. I don’t know of any others. Don Jr needs to stay as far from the WH as he possibly can.

  2. Too bad they were able to get rid of Flynn. Don Jr. is about the only one right now that I have any trust in, and I wish he had more sway in the administration. The swamp is growing each day and the characters ready to play “Brutus” are all lined up.

  3. Gary Henderson // July 12, 2017 at 4:53 pm // Reply

    Listening to someone who tweaks your interest, whatever that might be, is done every day by virtually everyone, everyday. Sometimes the information is quickly judged to be gossip without substance. Sometimes it is proven to be an outright lie. Sometimes it is intended to trap. It is what you do with the information that counts, and Trump Jr. passed on it and went to the next subject.
    Serious minded Americans have chosen a hero and accept his leadership, (which sometimes has “warts”) and still stand behind him because of his great promise as an effective fighter. The competition, losers all, have lost their minds and we cannot let up the daily challenging of their fakery and childish nonsense.


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