Hamburg Officials – “Radicalized Mentally Disturbed 26-Yr-Old Palestinian” Not A Threat

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If you’ve got an admitted “known Islamist” that you have determined to be mentally unstable roaming about in your city, one that might be angry at having been denied asylum, that might be someone you want to deport or at a minimum, hold in custody. Hamburg police did neither and one man is dead, five other Germans injured in subsequent terrorist attack.

Apparently for the German authorities there is a level of insanity that one must meet to be considered a likely terrorist and their evaluation of this Palestinian import led them to be he was not dangerous, just radicalized 26-year-old Middle Eastern male with a “destabilized personality.” No reason for any concern.

Torsten Voss, the head of the Hamburg branch of the Domestic Intelligence Agency, said, “We evaluated him rather as someone who was psychologically unstable than had clear Islamic extremist motivations.” Perhaps they’re getting a bit too bogged down in their definitions and a bit over-confident of their own abilities to evaluate the threat.

The terrorist was a rejected Palestinian asylum seeker, born in the United Arab Emirates. His only prior brush with the law inside Germany was for shoplifting, in which the charges were dropped. After all, he’s just a poor refugee, he has to steal to survive, just like they have to rape for their “sexual emergencies.” Have a heart, Germany, you owe it to him for World Wars I and II. And there’s an election coming, so there can be no deviation from Merkel’s wide open border invasion scheme.

The mentally unstable individual appears to have acted alone Friday when he bought a loaf of bread from a Hamburg supermarket and left, getting on a bus but then immediately getting back off and returning to the store. He then unwrapped a new kitchen knife displayed for sale and began slashing at customers in the store.

One fifty-year-old man was killed and six others wounded before the terrorist was subdued by shoppers and subsequently arrested. Police searched a refugee shelter where he is thought to have been residing but found nothing.

In offering his weak defense, City-state interior minister Any Grote said there were no indications the murderer was a member of any terror networks or linked with background instigators. Grote thanked those who responded to the life-threatening situation he, Merkel and the rest of the globalist puppets put them in, saying the arrest was “very courageous and very determined” in the face of a “nightmare” that unfolded.

In typical “don’t blame me” fashion, Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz said the attack was motivated by “hate” and said the suspect’s deportation had been delayed due to lack of necessary papers. It’s not his fault they didn’t have the paperwork or that the individual is hate-filled. Most of the imports from the Middle East are so appreciative and loving, right Olaf, who’d of thunk it?

In further defense of his complicit passivity and denial of the reality he’s helping to create, Scholz said, “I am furious that the offender is apparently someone who has claimed protection with us in Germany and then directed his hate against us.” He’s so furious that he’s going to do absolutely nothing to prevent the policies that permitted it to happen from continuing or institute any preventative measures.

Scholz said. “These criminals want to poison our free society with fear, but they will not succeed.” That’s a declaration that nothing is going to change. They might want to go out on a limb and lock up the next radicalized Palestinian import with a destabilized personality they deny asylum to.

Their EU liberal ideological sensitivities can likely survive an occasional, most basic act in defense of their nation against the most obvious of imported threats. There’s one dead guy and six injured who would probably think that’s a reasonable accommodation for a nation to make to its citizens.


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  1. Kelleigh Nelson // July 30, 2017 at 8:08 pm // Reply

    Well, Germany’s leader seems to like this, so the people are all at risk. Idiots.

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