Nikki Haley – Time For All Female Accusers To Be Heard, Women To Rule

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who played a major role in the vilification of the Confederate History and symbols, is back spewing her liberal poison, the female accusers deserve

nikki haley

When President Trump nominated Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador, a lot of folks who resented her attack on a Southern culture that she, as a first generation American, had no attachment to and her removal of a the Confederate Battle Flag from display in South Carolina felt he was making a mistake.

Now President Trump may be wondering the same thing with Haley’s latest comments on Face the Nation. Host John Dickerson led her down the path like Little Red Riding Hood going to visit her grandmother, skipping and singing her liberal, feminist tunes all along the way.

Dickerson describes some individuals being held accountable for their bad behavior as a cultural shift, although it might more accurately be described as a breakdown of the Democrat firewall or a re-positioning for strategic exploitation after misbehaving politicians of both parties and others who are overwhelmingly Democrats, have been caught.

The left is using that guilt and offensive behavior as a tool in their sexist anti-white male campaign, pressing the feminization of America and of the American male. Preference in appointments to replace Democrats will got to women or homosexuals, maybe cross-dressing mental cases, because they’re safe. A woman is expected to be named by the Minnesota governor to replace Al Franken, largely on the strength  of her possession of the preferred plumbing.   [VIDEO BELOW]

Haley does her best Nancy Pelosi imitation, saying, “I’m incredibly proud of the women who have come forward. I’m proud of their strength, I’m proud of their courage, and I think that the idea that this is happening, I think it will start to bring a conscience to the situation, not just in politics but you know, we’ve seen in Hollywood and every industry and I think the time has come.”

The time has come for what, Haley? For the “evil men” everywhere to be driven from power so that the feminists and sissy boys can take over? Has the time come for the acceptance as legitimate of the illegitimate?

Is it time to just accept at face value the “social justice” attacks. Are we now, due to the misconduct of some of the swamp creatures that were already identified as being vile, supposed to surrender to the false,  self-rewarding, exploitative phony causes such as the fabricated “white privilege,” the anti-white black supremacist thugs of the NFL, anti-sovereignty open borders politicians, celebrities and academics, and the imposition of diversity, unsafe “safe” spaces and other intrusive controlling methods designed to force white men out and bring communist “equality” and submission upon the American people?

Is it time to surgically remove the backbone of this country? Is it time to move beyond just attacking the symbols of white America and the white male, like the confederate flag and monuments and to finish the job Affirmative Action started?

Asked about the false accusers of President Trump, she says, “Well the same thing is women who accuse anyone should be heard.” How about men who accuse anyone, Haley, should they be heard as well or is it just for the privileged sex and those who decide they want to declare themselves to be members of it.

Should they be allowed to destroy people simply based upon accusations, which are often false, in the name of “being heard?” Should they be held accountable for falsely accusing the innocent in all cases where they are found to be liars or their evidence false? Should Beverly Young Nelson and Gloria Allred be facing charges for fraud?

She says, “They should be heard and they should be dealt with, and I think we heard from them prior to the election and I think any woman who has felt violated or has felt mistreated in any way, they have every right to speak up.”

Dickerson attempts to pull the snare tight, asking, “And does the election mean that’s a settled issue? She starts sputtering a bit, replying, “That for the people to decide, I know that he was elected but, you know, women should always feel comfortable coming forward and we should all be willing to listen to them.”

When they have Gloria Allred in tow and are carrying a box of Kleenex into a news conference that was called for the purpose of besmirching the character of a man for political purposes, they should not be comfortable in coming forward. They should fear criminal repercussions for their actions if they are making false claims.

What big teeth you have, grandma.

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10 Comments on Nikki Haley – Time For All Female Accusers To Be Heard, Women To Rule

  1. Josephine Marshall // December 11, 2017 at 2:33 pm // Reply

    I see we have another back stabber for the President to contend with. Why are people so stupid about all of these accusers? Funny thing is they show up when the Democrats are looking at a loss. They are all bought and paid for. They don’t need to be heard anymore, THEY NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED AND THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS LOOKED INTO. The Soros/Obama/Clinton swamp rats are behind these women trying to destroy our government and give it to Obama and his communist Muslim friends. The DC people need to WAKE UP and realize what the big picture is that we all pray kissing the ground with our butts in the air.

  2. I did not want Nikki Haley in any position at the White House or in that pit of vipers at the U.N. because I do not trust her as we are seeing now. Also, she needs to shut her mouth about women, the real women of this country. All she is talking about are the feminists who came out of hiding from years ago when they should have made all that happened to them public at the time it occurred. BUT they refused to do that because they preferred their careers in acting and getting to the top instead of letting others know what they would walk into with the Weinstein’s and the lowlife Franken, etc. BUT yet we have those that are bought and paid for to try and destroy a good man who the RINOS nor the DEMOCRATS want in the Senate. What Haley stated is what the Feminists want the control of the government and to control men!

    • I’m with you all the way, SAnnSM. Haley is a very ambitious politician who will say or do anything that she believes will advance her position of power in the government. She is a cruel, vicious war hawk who aspires to the Presidency even though she is not Constitutionally eligible to serve. Matters not to her.

      She will run her mouth and trounce anyone she suspects might impede her path the stardom, including President Trump, if necessary. She cannot be trusted. And, she should not be permitted to serve in any position of responsibility. She need to go.

  3. Women are stupid for allowing themselves to be used for political purposes; that is more disgraceful than being used for sex. Once they have been used up, they will serve no further purpose, guaranteed. It is only obvious that they are scripted and choreographed, among a list of the willing, and I am ashamed for them. I will NEVER vote for a woman for an elected federal office, and especially never for POTUS. Gloria Allred, shameless female exploiter, take your tissues, go home and stay there.

    • Women are not stupid only FEMINIST are stupid. There is a huge difference between women and feminism. If you watched the parade of feminists during the march which was incorrectly called the Women’s march they are a disgusting group and wore their pink body parts on their head! Women would never do that. Another thing a real woman would have nailed any man at the time of the attempt to molest her unlike those that played the game and now are coming out with their ‘cry me a river’ routine and for society not knowing who is telling a lie or the truth. Do not ever call this woman stupid.

      • I disagree with your premise that only feminists are falling for “victimhood” status. I worked 50 years in offices, and women, yes, ordinary, God=fearing women, put their crappy, non-existent job security ahead of their self-respect. A punch to the face or a knee to the crotch of the perpetrator, along with an announced, noisy walk-out does more for the exploited than becoming a victim. Women claim they are strong, so they should stop whining and sniveling and ending up in the news.

        • Then that tells me if they are not feminists they are snowflakes who have no backbone. I worked in an office years ago and was in the office by myself when one man came in that worked for the company and thought he was going to make out. Remember I am a God fearing woman also. That did not work for him at all and never came around me again unless it was at a distance. No, I did not whine to my boss or my husband I took care of it myself.

  4. Excellent article and another bullseye.

    has felt mistreated
    They do want to neuter all males. When they have a society that puts heart over thought, it will end critical thinking. We can see it in entertainment, where the men are subordinate to women.

    Once they completely destroy real strong women, those who used to manage the household and family unit, we may never get back. They are erasing our history, our traditions, male/female roles, civility, and morality.

    When compassion is shown where justice is needed, justice will be shown where compassion is needed.

  5. James Higginbotham // December 11, 2017 at 7:47 am // Reply

    ya know.
    what is happening here is like another SODOM AND GOMORRAH, don’t know if GOD will act to DESTROY THEM? but everyday i see more and more of these LIBTARD SNOWFLAKES FEMI-NAZIS AND THEIR HOMO PALS AND PINK PANTY PUSSY BOYS DOING ALL THEY CAN TO DESTROY OUR REPUBLIC.

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