Gutierrez – Trump The “Major Criminal” In The US – No Crimes, Just Impeach Him

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Anti-American pro-invasion agitator Luis “the Roach” Gutierrez spoke in Chicago at the Lincoln United Methodist Church on Saturday to a small crowd. We can tell it was a small group from the sound of the response and the fact that they didn’t show any pictures of it. That’s a Clinton trick from her failed 2016 that lets people imagine a larger crowd than was actually there.

The message wasn’t intended for those physically in the building because it was delivered in English and  Illegals don’t speak that lingo. He was taping a propaganda message for illegals and other identity politics groups in Chicago and around our country.

Why does he bother campaigning to illegals when they can’t vote unless they are voting illegally and he knows they’re voting, despite Democrat claims to the contrary. He says the DREAMers are not criminals. They’re breaking the law every day they’re in the US so, as is common, Gutierrez is starting off with a lie.

He says those with TPS, Temporary Protected Status, a way to circumvent immigration law, are not criminals. Nobody said they were. He continued, “The millions of undocumented workers [illegal aliens] that work every day, sweat and toil at some of the most miserable jobs in the United States of America are not criminals.” They’re breaking the law every day they’re here too, Luis – chalk up another lie for the “Roach.”

He says, “We are going to determine and history is going to determine who those criminals are.” Yeah, great idea Gutierrez, you could determine it by making laws, just like the ones already on the books that you and your fellow Democrats choose to simply ignore. Will those be laws you’ll agree with so they’ll be enforceable? Is the litmus test for legitimacy whether open borders Democrats agree with them?

He says for him “the major criminal that exists in the United States of America is called Donald Trump. He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave at the White House.” What crimes did the major criminal in America commit, Gutierrez? It must be something really big, like terrorism, genocide, war crimes, something really awful.  

What? He simply enforced the immigration laws that Congress passed? That’s it? Obeying and enforcing the law makes him the biggest criminal in America? That seems kind of upside down, Roach. Like you when your legs are kicking and you can’t quite manage to crawl back over on your belly.

He promises “And we’re going to take actions today,” threatening, “and we’re going to take actions tomorrow, and there will soon be a majority in the House of Representatives.” There’s already a majority Gutierrez, you must have missed it. They’re called Republicans.

He continued, “And I’m going to make sure that I’m there, to make sure of one thing, that we write those articles of impeachment and take him to trial before the Senate and eliminate him as President of the United States of America.”

 Ok, Roach, you want to specify the high crimes and misdemeanors now or is being Donald Trump sufficient in your fantasy world deliberative body? Even if you were able to get articles of impeachment through with a majority Democrat House, you’d have to get a 2/3 approval in the Senate, not likely in the Republican-controlled body. But keep promising, because those people you’re selling it to have no clue that you’re lying to them. They’ll believe whatever you say and you’ll remain hooked up to the government teat.

He lies again, saying, “He can’t just fire Comey,” which Trump already did. “He can’t just say he’s going to fire Mueller,” The First Amendment indicates otherwise. “He can’t just say ‘I’m the king and I’m the dictator.'” You’re right, Gutierrez, and he hasn’t. You’re confusing President Trump with the illegal squatter in the White House before him.

The Roach says, “This is a democracy and we will make democracy work.” How many times can you explain to a dishonest idiot what a Republic is before you just abandon trying? He closes out with some more identity politics because everyone knows that Republicans hate people, whether they’re “gay or straight, brown, white, papers or no papers.”

Get ready, they’re movement is coming to somewhere, he warns. Don’t worry, Roach, we’ll be ready, Count on it.


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5 Comments on Gutierrez – Trump The “Major Criminal” In The US – No Crimes, Just Impeach Him

  1. Hmmm… As long as I can remember, this country has been a country of laws. There are laws that say you can or cannot come into this country. Legal entrance into this country is 110% a-ok! Illegally entering this country is not even close to ok. If an illegal takes up root in this country, works for 10 or 20 years without a problem, he is still an illegal! Why? Mainly because there are laws that were meant to protect Americans and America alike. In most all other countries, illegally entering their country is a prison term. Mexico, for example, will give a felony and 2 year in prison for the first illegal entry. A second illegal entry will give you another felony and 10 years in prison. America should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws! Mexico wouldn’t want that, though. Mexico is sending fellow Mexicans up here, to America, to bolster Mexico’s economy. Illegals come up here, get a job and send money home, to Mexico. Why can the Mexican government not figure out how to bolster their own economy without sponging off the United States? Come here legally and all is good. Come here illegally and you will live your life here looking over your shoulder the whole time! We have laws that are to be abided by and ENTRY into America is or should be very important to all Americans. Gutierrez does not sound like he even likes America. So, in response to his statement, “The movement is coming!”, I say to you,Luis, the movement is coming to YOU, in the form of ICE!!

  2. Luis is a hate monger who only knows how to divide and spread his racist rhetoric !! Hmmm ! his statement ” Luis Gutierrez’s threat: ‘Get ready, our movement is coming …: I say to this hate monger !!! GET READY for there is nothing worse Luis than pissed off Americans who country is under attack whether from abroad or with-in as YOU ARE doing !! May you get thrown into the SWAMP with the rest of your career criminal American law breaking thugs in seats !! God Bless Trump

  3. Shirley Freeland // July 25, 2017 at 8:34 pm // Reply

    People in our government should face repercussions for lying about President Trump or anyone especially when they go before a congregation of people. Doesn’t he know that there is a God above who will pass judgement on him one day for his nasty attacks and lies. It’s one thing to do it in public but to go to a church and spew such venom is off the charts. People like him and him should be held accountable to spreading lies about anyone no matter who they are and especially our President.


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