Group Mails Map Of Homes Of Illegal Alien Gangsters, Libs Go Wild

The citizens group Respect Washington has sent out a mailing updating their petition against sanctuary status and a map of the homes of illegal alien gang members in the…

ICE arrest group

Media hand-wringers in libtard Western Washington State are frothing all over each other after the publishing by a local group of the names,  addresses and criminal offenses of illegal aliens, some of them gang members, who are squatting in the city of Burien.

The leftist reporter asks two obviously liberal citizens of the city and takes them as representing “the people” of Burien. Their views, naturally are favorable to the illegals, urging compassion, open borders and the ignoring immigration law. One woman interviewed said, “I personally find it distasteful, it’s not compassionate.” That’s enough to guarantee her mug makes it on the evening news. And we all know, laws only apply if they’re deemed compassionate. That prohibition on armed robbery doesn’t take into account the desperate needs of the drug addict to fund his habit, is that next?

The group, “Respect Washington,” takes full credit for the mailing. Those receiving the mailing had signed up for a ballot initiative challenging the city’s sanctuary policies. Craig Keller, the group’s co-founder, says the people deserve to know what happened to their proposition and why it was stricken from the ballot.

He says, “It’s also an effort to educate them to the crime that is occurring around them constantly, and a lot of it to do with the unlawfully present individuals in their community.”

The reporter says that the mailing went out to approximately 3,600 persons and that they have verified that the information, including the criminal records of those named in the mailing is accurate. The second woman exposed her libtard ignorance immediately, saying, “We, in this country, do not publish a list of people that have committed a crime and send it out so that people can go find them.”

First, the police or ICE should be the people going out to find, arrest and deport the illegal aliens. It should not have to fall to the people to do the jobs their political criminals refuse to do. Democrats lawlessness is the root cause of the problem.

Criminal proceedings are public record, many times posted on local blotters complete with photos of the alleged perpetrators, even before they’ve been convicted. Those convicted of sex crimes are required to notify all of their neighbors and place signage on their homes. At least they are citizens so we’re stuck with them. Illegals aren’t and they’re criminals as well, every single one of them.

Lawbreaking Sheriff John Urquhart is seething, not at the fact that his failure to do his job is being exposed but that it isn’t nice to call for the laws that he, as an open borders libtard doesn’t agree with to be enforced.  He falls back to the standard line of crap we’ve heard for decades, “It does nothing to solve crimes and to keep people safe, in fact just the opposite.”

It makes you wonder if the supposed law man ever heard of the rule of law,  or if he understands that law enforcement means just that.

The libtard reporter closes saying, “The citizens of this community ask that a heated topic be handled with a little compassion.” Maybe she shouldn’t represent to leftists on the street as “the citizens of this community,” rather as two citizens. For it to be as heated of a debate as she claims it is, there must be opposing views as well and there are. Part of the mailing addressed the City of Burien’s shenanigans with their petition to be on the November 7th ballot. They qualified with five signatures to spare. She’s clearly decided to take sides.

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9 Comments on Group Mails Map Of Homes Of Illegal Alien Gangsters, Libs Go Wild

  1. Good point indeed.

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // October 30, 2017 at 1:57 pm // Reply

    Where were the LibTurds when Military personnel names, addresses, telephone numbers, state and city of residence were published ?

  3. Dr. Kerr, PH.D. // October 30, 2017 at 9:09 am // Reply

    Deport each and every Illegal Invader!

  4. This is as brilliant as it is hilarious. Great idea and damn good job !!!

  5. What’s the difference in having a listing of names and addresses of sex criminals? I see nothing wrong with it, the only thing ice should round up the ones on the list along with their families and deport them.

  6. give it time folks.

  7. Thanks to President Trump the laws are finally being enforced, slowly but surely. I have hope that common sense and pride in our great country will oust the globalists/communists/socialists and return to a land of laws and respect for our Constitution and fellow citizens.

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